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Botched Spot Fanmade Strip 13

Here is the 13th fanmade strip of  the pro-wrestling satire webcomic Botched Spot and it involves Vince McMahon's 2nd attempt in reviving  XFL.

In this strip after Vince announces that he will revive XFL in 2020 from this video :… ,His step son Paul Levesque aka Triple H and owner of NXT (WWE's rookie brand)  is surprised that Vince is about to revive the XFL which was a failure  ,But Vince tells Paul that he learned from his past mistakes and that he will make it better the 2nd time,However Paul is worried as Vince's revival of XFL in 2020 might cause the down fall of his WWE empire as shown from his thought bubble in the last panel when it shows the WWE HQ the titan tower which is now covered with a big sign saying 'Out of business' showing that WWE will go bankrupt if Vince's 2nd attempt at XFL will end up like the first one.
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