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By Joey-Zero
Stock used from :iconyellow-stock:

I'm experimenting with different styles and approaches. I remember taking figure drawing class and doing those gestural-style drawings where you just sort of scribble in the shapes and movements, so it sort of inspired this style. Also keep in mind that I'm doing this with a mouse and my right hand, and I'm left-handed, so making certain curves sort of sucked.

Not trying to win any awards with this one or anything, just experimenting.
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Me gusta mucho tu estilo, haces unas ilustraciones muy personales... enhorabuena ;)
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wow, i think it's safe to say that you are ambidextrous. i like how you did the eye shape as a gradient, it solves the problem of having to make a separate shape for the pupil and iris.
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Originally, it was just a solid color, but I messed with it a little.
lemontea's avatar
Cool as always. I like the brighter colors, and the strokes on some shapes.
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thelonegunman's avatar
nice piece man, a lot brighter and smoother than your other work.
Joey-Zero's avatar
Yeah I wanted to flip something just a little bit different.
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Hello. :wave: Your wonderful work has been featured in this news article: From Stock to Art #32. :rose: :heart:
Reaze's avatar
really good man :)
4Lazy-man's avatar
Looks good. Now heres a thought why don't you switch the mouse from your rightside to the leftisde of your desk and configurate the mouse in the opposite way, unless if you have to share the computer with everyone in the house then forget about it. lol
DEPF's avatar
yeah thats pretty clean man. I've seen some big murals like that. You should expiriment with doing some different color lines and strokes or something. looks good though.
Bisman-Nainggolan's avatar
left handed with great result :). thats cool man :D
sushi-boy's avatar
looks awesome to me!
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Thanks! If I can work more on it, I might be able to do it a little better.
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It reminds me of gesture drawings in Life Drawing class somewhat, but the linework itself reminds me more of a blind gesture. Overall, I think that the attempt was successful, it's very cool looking. I'd be tempted to try something similar for my DevID.
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Yeah, I sort of went for that, only not blind so much. That style where you don't pick the pencil up.
AmbiguousJay's avatar
D'OH, I think I gave it the wrong description, I think it's actually called a blind/continous contour drawing? Something like that. Yeah, the lines reminded me of that kind of style, even though it obviously wasn't a blind drawing.

I used to think those exercises were kind of silly when I first started out, but they occasionally yield nice results.
Joey-Zero's avatar
I knew I was calling it the wrong thing... CONTOUR drawing, that's what it is. Damn, I've been out of art school for a while now.
ekion's avatar
aww ! really nice one ^^
Colours are funky :D
I like this compo ^^
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I can't think to write a proper critique, so I'll just use this: heart:
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luv the sketchy vibe :D
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