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Pig Newtons

By Joey-Zero
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Couldn't help myself. Mega-psyched I nabbed tickets to see him in January. Basically the only show I watch right now as well.

Trying to one-up myself with my previous Louie piece.


9.15.12: WOW! Thanks for the DD!
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Really nice illustration man, Love louis ck !!! Going to see him next month :D
Joey-Zero's avatar
Nice! Saw him earlier this month. You won't be disappointed.
Gravitywheel's avatar
I shared this on my tumblr!
Joey-Zero's avatar
Cool. Thanks for letting me know, man!
Pavel-Sokov's avatar
Looks like me and you used the same photo of Louie for our paintings. Great work, your turned out much different from mine!
Joey-Zero's avatar
Yours turned out amazing!
Pavel-Sokov's avatar
Thanks! Did you tweet Louie your portrait?
Joey-Zero's avatar
No I didn't. Did you?
Pr0teusUnbound's avatar
iremember when this guy had his first special on comedy centrals friday night stand up. he had a circus tent in his backdrop. i didnt think he was too much funnier than the other ace comedians with specials on cc, but my sister saw the same specials months later and thought he was the funniest guy ever. im really lad he has his own show now.
unholycookie's avatar
Brilliant portrait of a brilliant bastard.
ButterflySoup's avatar
Just derping around here and I see this at the bottom of the screen and I'm like, "is that... SHIT THAT'S LOUIS!"
Ianuarius85's avatar
HAHAHA Spot on! :D
spartanM3RC's avatar
captured his expression perfectly. and the colors worked well too. i hope that was a suitably constructive comment to make.
JayRoseberry's avatar
i seen this somewhere over the internet with a caption over it i was like thats a super sick painting of of lous c k XD
Tyrant2395's avatar
Love the Pig Newton story! Fantastic capture of his personality.
SapphireCrusader's avatar
I love Louie C.K., but I feel sorry for him at the same time. What an ordeal to have such a dysfunctional family, with an ex-wife who hates him and two daughters who are clearly insane. Poor guy.
Joey-Zero's avatar
You shouldn't feel too bad for him. His family is no more dysfunctional than most American families. Plus, he has such an awesome way of dealing with things that happen in his life... by making those situations absolutely hilarious for everyone else!
blawb's avatar
Totally rad. I love it.
KarolinaSkaUniverse's avatar
Looks awesome :) and Louie is funny as hell
Gravitywheel's avatar
This is an awesome piece, you f***ot n***er c*nt deer! :)
Silverykitsune's avatar
This guy is awesome. Thanks for making this.
SaraLynnCreative's avatar
"It's a Pig Newton, you don't know!" Love it!
Designs-Unlimited568's avatar
this man is hilarious and you've captured him so well.
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