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Hell hath no fury...

By Joey-Zero
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Wanted to do a quick render of my favorite gender of my favorite genre, in time for my favorite holiday.

Happy Halloween you stinky, rotting bastards!

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you have been featured on my news journal [link]
keep up the good work and if you like the article,give it some love :D
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all about the zombies XD sweet gallery btw...
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wow that site totally ripped this off and just added hands. what the fuck.
can you do something about this?
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Apparently yes... That dude ian-x just hooked me up with some info about a DMCA notice which basically forces them to take it down unless they want to go to court over it. I have all the source files and dates of creation and all that shit, so if dude wants to get funny, I can get MAAAAD funny with it.
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Good because thats a bunch of bullshit- they ripped off your design and have the balls to try and make money off of it.
I get that other artists are going to be inspired by other people's designs- give those artists the credit they deserve though. Don't just practically copy someone's work and call it an original thought.
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Yeah some dude sold the site those layouts, so it's him that I'd really like to tie to my bumper and take him for a ride down the highway.
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I don't blame you....
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yay zombies! i love the texture.
rotten-apples's avatar
Her hair is amazing-- love the different layers of highlights in it. The blood is great, too ;)
GaryStearly's avatar
ok I have to ask, why the radioactive yellow eyes? I tend to go red with infection or that hazey milky death look. I know you have a reason.! lol
Happy Holidays to you & your family.
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it looks amazing really does
Cosmic-Rocket-Man's avatar
looking bad ass like always man! :)
alive-Donnie's avatar
Wow... THIS is art : )
Gallistero's avatar
Liked hoe you brought out her facial expression with the colors
3ahia's avatar
eek! she's scary! ! !

well done!
Glorion's avatar
Brains anyone? My treat!
KidNotorious's avatar
I can think of nobody better than you when it comes to zombies!
Tasastock's avatar
:D:D aaaawesome. i love it ^^
i keep saying i'll either be the start or the end of the zombie apocalypse. :P i guess the start is more likely

thanks for using my stock :hug:
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awesome lighting effect on the hair my man. great work as always.
Jay-Allen-Hansen's avatar
so awesome!!!!!!!!! loving the colors
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awesome zombie!

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