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in need of a vacation

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...And then a Skag runs past with a pair of Swimming trunks in it's mouth followed by the Vault Hunters, both past and present in swim wear, chasing it with their preferred weapons, Axton covering his lower half and Roland's Ghost facepalming at the sight.
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Me: *sits down beside Chrysallis* ... My goodness... *soft voice* Such beauty...
Chrysallis: *blush, wings twitch a bit*
Me: Such a smooth and soft appearance... And a touch of viciousness...
Chrysallis: *sips juice harder*
Me: May I... *hand over mouth, deep breathe*
Chrysallis: *turns slowly to me, says gently* Yes?
Me: ... Take a picture of that cup?
Chrysallis: ... W-... I...
Me: It's just so fascinating... *holds camera, pleading pose*
Chrysallis: *slides cup over to me* ... *face on table*
Me: *taking pictures of cup*
But no seriously, that is an awesome cup! And Chrysallis looks cute too~ This is worthy of a favorite.
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Ahahaha! :D that was a beautiful setup amigo, and glad ya like ^^
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Heheh, thanks. Good work on the drawing.
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So charming! ^^ Chrysalis looks fabulous in that big hat Love 
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...Pretty. ^///W///^
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Nothing wrong with some time away from villainy.
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I could not help but color it * ^ *
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She look is very pretty :3
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it's not so easy being...evil,Damn she looks beatuiful!! everthing about this is amazing,especially love the sinisters cup!:XD:
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LOL You might call that a Tubby Tiki Cup! XD And yes I love the little guy too! LOL
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Gah, your facial expressions! I LOVE them! How do you draw them so perfectly??
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You know, this is exactly the style I am pursuing. I just love the penciled sort of look. I really like this deviation too. Keep up the good work! :3
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i want that cup!!! xD


mann that is so cool ! well done this is an amazing piece :D

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Your Chyrsi is ADORABLE! :iconreallylikehermaneplz:
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exactly how I feel right now -_-
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How do you do such fabulous work!?!  I wish I could pin down how everything you draw, seemingly regardless of subject matter, is such smexy eye-candy.
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Adorable :) I especially love the cup she's drinking from! 
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You make even her look cute ^^
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Even villains need time to relax from planning their next attack.
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Ahhhhh so cute XD
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