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:iconmickeymonster: had nothing to do with this :V
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Me: *mimicking Rarity* "Oh, Rarity, darling. Stop being so cheeky." :giggle:
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Interesting how it's almost heart shaped.
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Wut Wut in the butt.
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...Not funny. -_-
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Mind if my friends voice over this? They'll give you credit!
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Sure thing man, by all means go ahead :D
Sonicdude645's avatar
Really? Can the same be said for the rest of your work?
Joey-Darkmeat's avatar
If you'd like to do voiceovers for anything of mine, it's free game mate XD
Sonicdude645's avatar
SWEET! I'll have a lot of fun looking through your stuff! By the way...more Pony plot please?
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Anything involving "moar butts" is taken under careful consideration with me :D
Sonicdude645's avatar
So a lot of thinking must be involved. Also, specifically the ponies.
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Dr. Bees: What's this? Too many ass puns that swarm like bees? My suitcase full of bees will put a stop to that!
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I used to wonder what Spike sees in miss hoity toity fashionista. Then I saw this.
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:iconsweetiebelleidea::iconsaysplz:Hey sis!
:iconsweetiebellenoo::iconsaysplz:Oh wow! When did your butt get so big?!
:iconsweetiebellelaugh::iconsaysplz:Be careful, Rainbow Dash! Don't let Rarity sit on you, or else you will suffocate under her huge butt! 

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*nose starts to bleed and wings are extended* Godamnit! My wings are- uh.... um.... Malfunctioning? What? They're mechanical wings. -Clockwork Geargrinder
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:iconblushingdashplz::iconsaysplz:Yeah, Rarity's flank tends to have that effect on ponies sometimes.
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Oh. Okay then.... but, I am right about the whole "malfunctioning mechanical wings" they were malfunctioning at the time. the nosebleed is explainable, I was quite.......oh, what's the word........ embarrassed? I mean, good Celestia, I didn't expect this to appear on my computer!
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