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Hey buddy, some folks are getting worried about ya. You still kickin'?

I apologize to anyone who I may worry that way, I'm often off in the shadows, popping my head out only occasionally.

This account is dead however: I'm a different person and artist than I was before, and I would rather leave this gallery for what it was, than to use it for modern purposes. I had a wonderful and fantastic time here but things change~ if I was in need of posting on DA again, you'd see me under a new name I imagine

sorry for the worries though, I'm terrible for that XP

Hey, man! So where do you hang these days if you're no longer on here?

are you still around?

Thanks for your favorites. 👍
I'm gonna draw soldier in honor of the fallen soldier Rick May.

You're up for an art collab?
I learned about Rick first thing in the morning the day the news dropped, it was such a sad way to start the day. I'm gunna miss that voice deeply.

I'm not sure my skills are what they used to be but whatcha got in mind bud?