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tank preparations

ink, grey marker, photoshop tones
From Twilight X:WAR 3, scheduled for February
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Soon, the armoured fist will strike with full power.
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Paladin tank in the field.
mobius-118's avatar
i wonder if we will ever use the star logo on our tanks ever again
FisHPastE89's avatar
woooow nice 1 dude
fstgeorge's avatar
this is fucking jaw dropping- wow. Your art is insane-
whiteace11's avatar
wooooooooooooooooot m1a2's they make me happy!!!
Aramis-Dagaz's avatar
I like how the black and white coloring gives the piece a noir, gritty feel. Very appropriate.
Canduterio's avatar
Good to see the M-1s.
Nice and "respectful". A sense of "peace" with all those warmachines in the twilight.
Also it reminds me of a scene of Operation Flashpoint game, the Abrams had the signals in the same fashion. :)
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Amazing, man!!!!!!!!!
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i like how u did da little figures n da picture... i love da details on da thanks and how silent da place looks from da darkness of it all... very cool! :D nwez, i also admire da use of lighting here esp at da far back of da pic :D keep it up! :D
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