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blockade runner

By joewight
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Full scratchbuild to scale with MicroMachine stardestroyer
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as a scratchbuilder myself.... this is really impressive.  awesome.  too bad you lost it.
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Do not sneeze-sign is missing :D
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"You inhalted my spaceship!!" >_< hehehe
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a miniatur overkill
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so so SO SMALL!!! O_O
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i was totally impressed with your illustrations but this....this really blew me away....youre just awesome!...
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thats pretty cool
i want to try that with polystyrene tubes..and scrap pieces.
a great inspiration
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... that is just damn amazing. What did you use for materials, anyway?
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I used scrap sheet plastic (polystyrene). It's actually about 17 separate pieces glued together.

Haven't seen this model around lately. I hope my cat hasn't eaten it.
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Good ol' Corellian Corvette. Nice.
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In-credible! What did you use for hands?
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Holey smokes - the camera can't even get it! Ya killin me man.
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Very small brush, but I can't remember exactly what size.
Ironically, I can't find this miniature now!
I only hope I didn't vacuum it up.
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lol, as sad as it sounds, i found it funny, :P

So small, it's lost!
Daemoria's avatar How did you manage to paint something that small? Pin point?
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