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Steamqueens2 Cover

Pencil, Photoshop 3.0
One of my new cover pics, and a call to all steampunk fans to check out Fred's brilliant book Steam Wars:…
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Hi Joe, are you still using that old DP 450 G4 PowerMac?  
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I sure am, tho I've got a newer machine to get on the interwebs.
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Absolutely love this one.
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The details in this piece are very stunning.
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Nice. Is the chair based on the same squid design we see in several places in the picture?
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The chair is actually made from whale teeth. At least that's what I was thinking!
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The chair legs do have that whale tooth shape; just didn't occur to me.
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Very clean looking. The texture on the rug / wood looks nice, and her lines are clean. Well done!
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Like it ! (especially the details of the background ! ^^, but she is cool too :)
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Lovely image!  KS looks neat, but I'd be more inclined to support an original work than a rehash of someone else's with a different motif, no matter how cool that art is.  Also needs a video about what he's making, rather than how neat kickstarter and digital media are :P
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Permission to come aboard, commander?
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