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Steamqueen Cover

Pencil, Photoshop 3.0, Painter 1.0

Steampunk is really difficult for me. I try to hit the right stylish notes and designs, but I can't abandon functionality

I've heard steampunk style described as intentionally "useless" or "impractical", but I can't agree.

Victorian and Edwardian eras had a lot of style and flair and tradition, but they still had to be functional to survive.
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Gears should have a purpose.  No one will wear goggles who doesn't need to.
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I agree with what you say. Cogs, gears and dials need function.
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Intentionally impractical steampunk can be fun, but I've always preferred an intergration of form and function 
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Very cool. Great design.
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Absolutely love this one.
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Your style is awesome! Besides i am no specialist... I think the artist must apply his own sense... Even though, your style didn't look some space SciFi inspired!
Maybe there are improvements to do, but I think you are right way
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It's said quite often before below by others, but I still want to join the chorus:

The best steampunk IS functional AND aesticaly pleasing and NOT bashing brass and copper tubing and gearwheels onto something.
If you care, just read my ID description for a statement towards that philosophy.

And I like your picture a lot. Clearity, yes, but still convaying the mood perfectly.

The only "impractical" thing that could be added, would be ornamental works on the equipment as victorian aesthetics allowed even on simple household tools like a saw or a hammer (if you could afford those more expensive versions) to be covered with incredibly artful ornaments.
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The best steampunk is functional.

And this is awesome.
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For my Kickstarter, I've chosen this painting to be one of the prints you can own. I'm offering it as an 11x17 print or a 24x36 poster:…
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Awesome stuff and I share disagreement with you on...
"I've heard steampunk style described as intentionally "useless" or "impractical", but I can't agree." (you, 5th march 2014)
love your stuff :D
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Spetacular stuff!! :clap:
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Very cool image, thank you for sharing!  And no, Steampunk shouldn't be useless nor impractical; much the opposite, it's modelled after an era with lots of gears, pistons, massive machinery, where function was explicit and not hidden behind seamless plastic (I'm looking at you, iPod).  It's also an era where lack of mass production encouraged more detail and less symmetry or similarity.  "gluing some gears on it" gives a token nod toward these things, but all the best steampunk has an obvious function and purpose, even if it's not entirely realistic or streamlined. 

It's worth noting, for instance, that Jules Verne designed things like the Nautilus as practical, logical machines.  
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My god, this looks amazing!
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I think most people feel that just gluing some gears to stuff is Steampunk, but this is great! Anyone who's making a living doing something dangerous would take function over fashion any day. Great lines and I'm digging the colors. 
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