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Hobo Flight

Pencil, ballpoint, Zigs, Chartpak grey markers, Painter 1, Photoshop 3

A panel from the first issue of Twilight X:ARMADA that took way too long.
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Now is run time.
If there will be any.
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We are totally dead
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Insert frantic screaming here :)
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Wow... Hate to be on the other end of this flight!
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Strafe Run Killstreak in COD MW3
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Good god, I would hate to be the poor bastards those guys are flying in to deal with.
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look at all the crocodiles.
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When I saw this, the first thing that came to mind was "The Ride of the Valkyries". :D
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When you see this, you can only do 1 thing. RUN!!!!!
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just to make clear.this is JSF (joint strike FORCE) because there are some apache helos in this formation. but they wouldn't be able to make a formation like this . the lower birds would crash from the power generated by the ones flying over them .the whirlybird whirlwind effect
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Where exactly do you see Apaches i see only Russian made Helicopters
theGreenWarrior's avatar
sorry sorry . damn i feel so dumb for making that rookie mistake, those are mil havoks .they just resemble the initial shape of an apache .thank you for poinitng that out dude.
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Man, the FAA is going have a shitstorm with all those birds flying so close together. Awsome work though.
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bad ass, I love the Mi-24 Hind X3
Shows the might of Russia X3
Siregar3D's avatar
very cool formation...
i always looking for the best hind formation angle, this one looks great..!
is it ok for you if i use this angle formation for my hind renderings?
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i love Mi-24 hind and i was in this enormous machine in monino...
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you seriously want someone dead if you send such a force >.>

*looks great!*
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Seems so powerfull!
Good work!
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is that a swastika on the side of the lead Hind?
Leishycat's avatar
It's the stylized Swastika used by the White American Nationalist Klan. Damn WANKers.
That's 120% Australian humour there.
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