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F-104 ascending

Pencil, marker, Photoshop

From a new book I'm doing for the anniversary of the Apollo moonlanding.
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One word. Magnificent.

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And people wonder why I have such a love for this "Unlucky" Bird
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A beautiful bird, and a beautiful picture.
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Beautiful imagery of probably my most favoured jet (just the beauty of this sleek silver pencil with a brute of an engine;))!
I especially like the lighting and coloring on this one. May seem simple to others, I think it is so dead on, that it really gives you the impression of "yeah going for 40.000 feet and beyond..."
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Up, Up and a BOOM!
Gorgeous! I love the sun reflecting off the metal, and the way you can see the atmosphere getting thinner as the sky goes from pale blue to deep blue. (I don't think the un-modified F-104 ever made it up to the "black sky" part of the stratosphere, but I know they got them up to at least 80,000 feet flying a zoom profile, so pretty close!)
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That is simply beautiful! Great work! I always wondered how well the F-104 handled with those tiny wings? O.o They had a stall speed of 200mph, so it couldn't have been that good, but then again it wasn't a very large fighter.
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This is spectacular ! The light on the plane is the best ! Awesome !
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This image pushes me back in my chair.
Indeed brilliant! I wish there was a similar image with a German Starfighter, unfortunately the Zipper does not get much love here...
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Very good picture of the Starfighter, but the plane loses a lot of intrest because of the fact it was one of the most accidentlikely planes ever made.
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The F-104 Starfighter, speed incarnate. Wonderful piece, you captured it perfectly.
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This looks like Yeager's 100,000' climb?
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It's actually depicting F-104 pilot (and future astronaut) Mike Collins doing high altitude climbs at EAB, so it's not the rocket assisted jet.
That's fantastic. You don't see Starfighters much in art.
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oh my gosh that's a grand picture :D I just LOVE the reflections from the aircraft
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This truly great masterpiece reminds me of the solo fly of "Chuck" Yaeger when, flying the N.A.S.A.'s NF-104, was forced to eject with minus injuries. This fact was recreated in the magnificent film "The Right Stuff".
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