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Duel cover 3

Ted Nomura inks, Photoshop paint by me
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Glad to see a fellow Falklands War buff.

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Awesome work. :clap:
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cool  air combat
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This is insanely awesome! :O
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I love this, you dont see much Falklands war art :) Nice angles on the aircraft, especially the Skyhawk
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Heroes nuestros Pilotos.

no se llaman falklands, se llaman Malvinas y son Argentinas.
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Well it could be a mini-Midway a Sea Harrier form the HMS Hermes or HMS Invincible vs an A-4Q from the ARA Veinticinco de Mayo
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OMG ... it's amazing!!
Disculpame, me quedé sin palabras (en ingles, español o cualquier otro idioma) para poder describir o mejor dicho, que se acerquen a describir el excelente trabajo que hiciste.
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Lol the falkans war.
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Ahh! The air duels of the Falklans War (Guerra de Malvinas).
Argentinian pilots weren't as easy to defeat as the iraqui pilots.
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Ah, airwar over the Falklands; an Royal Navy Sea Harrier versus an Argentine Air Force A-4 Skyhawk; probably fighting over the Port of Stanley as Argentine craft bomb the British Ships in the harbor.

Intense. I wonder if you ever considered adding any of the battles of both Desert Storm (73 Easting, Rummalyahn Oil FIelds, Khafji) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (Fallujah, Op Red Dawn) and Operation Enduring Freedom (Takkur-Ghar, Op Anaconda, Op Mountain Lion).

Your work rocks.
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wow, un avion argentino de malvinas, eran los mejores pilotos.... muy bueno
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A nice drawing. It's not so often that I see someone looking at this conflict in particular. Weird to see western weapons vs. western weapons at that time period, isn't it?
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woooh!! un avion argentino de la guerra de Las Malvinas!!!

pensar que con nuestros aviones casi destruidos les hundimos el Invencible!!!

Pucara Rules!!!
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yeah, falklands war. harrier and a-4 are no match cuz harrier is not fight so fair. that why britsh won over falklands war. great work, keep up.
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that's soo great, is difficult to find illustrations of argentinian airplanes.
Awesome work
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that argentinian plane is SOO fucked. Harriers kick ass AND the pants off any fuckers without vectored drives.

prepare to taste sidewinder!
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"Soo fucked"? what do you know about Malvinas war? do you study this? You are blind, so ignorant How many Ships was sunk by Argentinians A4. Do you know? You spend too much time drawing fantasy, took the book and learn.
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The Falklands War. We lost 7, but we sunk 9 Argentine vessels. 
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Another Great piece of work :+fav:
it good to see more art with STOVL aircraft
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i like the panels on the hull of the plane... i can imagine the rivets holding everything together.
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mmm... the Falklands war... interesting theme. The A-4s performed quite well there.
Could be a nice looking "duel".
Nice work.
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