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Deathstar is cleared to fire

Pencil, ballpoint, Photoshop

Did this one mostly last night. Everything came together fairly well on the fighter, but the damn trench took forever. That and colors/markings for Red Five took some research time.
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Impressive, most impressive!
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I can see why the the trench took've captured the motion blur so well, I thought this was a screenshot until I looked at the enlarged version of the picture!

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Just too good!!  Well done!! 
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Gorgeous X-Wing! My wallpaper and now, and may stay so for some time. :)
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X-wing takes down Deathstar, oh yeah.
YazVolKanik's avatar
Oh! Luke's X-Wing! Awesome!!!
dark-klawd's avatar
X-Wing FTW!!!!!!!!
sauravs911's avatar
Wow ! Too good !
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This is an incredible rendering, from the thumbnail I almost mistook it for a screen capture from the original film! Very excellent work!
TheHarlequinsMask's avatar
That's really impressive, well done! :clap:
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Nice picture! I've been searching the DA for a nice picture of an X-Wing speeding through some kind of trench or so and it wasn't easy.
RazorBladeSigh's avatar
Wow :wow:

That looks really great :thumbsup:
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haha :D R2 looking this way :D
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Fantastic, all the detail you put into the X-wing is incredible.
Arkaitse's avatar
AMAZING!!... really amazing!
blackravendesign's avatar
Really nice, and, I think, the trench looks really nice, all that time was well worth it in my opinion. Nice work +fav:!
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Incom T-65. Most well known starfighter of popular culture .. i think

Pretty sharp linework ... and of course that blur gives excelent feeling of motion.
Very, very ... very, very, very cool. I'll be watching.
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Well done, a very difficult ship to draw, and from one on the hardest angles to pull off... beautiful!
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You are massively talented! This is wonderful!
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you do amazing work dude...
YouCannotFalter's avatar
Jeez thats just outstanding! You should work for dark horse or that!
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