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A Fast Ship

Pencil, Photoshop 3
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The way this ship kept blowing parts or having peices falling off you'd think it be ready for the junk heap, but again, as the saying goes. "Looks can be decieving."
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Awesome picture!
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The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.
Nice work, very nice work.
I'm in love. I want your avatar!
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Nice, I just watched all 6 the other day = D.
this pic is hellov boss.

"I can make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs" -Peter Griffon

"Um, isn't a parsec a unit of distance, not time?" -Chris Griffon
(Blue Harvest, Family Guy)
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Oh, how I would love to see a Star Wars book by you. Man, that would be sweet. At least as cool as a certain Star Trek book by a certain somebody. ;)
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awesome. you must now do a Slave 1.
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photoshop 3. heh, heh. That's funny. Looks as good or better than anything I've seen with later versions. To a mortal man, it's merely a tool, but to a virtuoso, it is instrument of beauty.


This stuff F-ing ROCKS!!!
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Awesome work as usual. Looks like a Bespin cloud scene from Emire Strikes back. Wow.
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this fucking kicks ass
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Fast enough for you, old man. :D
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awesome...just awesome
Excellent work!
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Very nice! Really captures the spirit of the YT1300.
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...going in harms way...
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Nice, although I think it was painted black after Chewbacca died facing down a crashing moon.
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