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October 27, 2006
"8:10 am is a little on the dramatic side of things, a little more serious and a day of great historical significance captured in the single most damaging moment of that morning." ~joewight's entire gallery is made up of stunning attention to detail but this, as said in the suggestion for it, is a perfect representation of his talent. Don't miss out on the rest of his awesome gallery!
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8:10 am

pencil, ballpoint, Photoshop

Another page showing the battleship Arizona's forward magazine detonation caused by a high level bomb attack. The single most deadly bomb strike that day.
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1177 men were killed by that explosion and are still entombed in her. :(
WWII44's avatar
I always wondered what that plume of smoke was from in the film footage.
Orlandoocra's avatar
America was at its best at that time
Rau-Le-Creuset's avatar
Was a 18 inch Armor-Piercing battleship shell from one of the Japanese Super-battleships(Yamato or Musashi) that had been modified to attach to the bottom of a Jap "Betty" bomber.....a battleship killer.
It is fantastics work !
Arkideit's avatar
500m 200m 100m Touchdown!!)))))
FisHPastE89's avatar
woooo thats pretty cool... n the water looks amazing!
This is the fatal hit on the Arizona that went through its forward magazine which blew the ship halfway out of the water!!
P-51WWII1942's avatar
sooo detailed but that suks how the uss arizona was destroyed if it wasnt it would be still here today as a museum like the uss missouri docked at pearl harbor today
Rainy-Raptor's avatar
I am proud to display this peice in my favorites gallery. The attention to detal is mind numbing, and wonderful at the same time. Can't wait to see your comic!
wahini15's avatar
would you mind if i used your picture in a project i am doing? i really love the coloring :)
USS-NEVADA-BB36's avatar
great work with the powder magazine explosion, that blast cause the greatest lost of life in a single explosion and recorded history, to that date, an Arizona survivor leutenant, Claber Masterson, saw that the Arizona's stern had not yet settled into the mud, and return the ship to hold down the big flag that was still flying, he delivered to the Maryland, for safe kepping, then a pearl harbor blunder, an unexpert sailor burn it cause it was covered with oil. :flagus:
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Lioness-Nala's avatar
There are some mistakes (too much fire, not correct details etc.) but it is so nice at all :)
harmonie0805's avatar
Wow, i had to look twice =) thought for a second it was real , good job!!
DPRagan's avatar
Nice explosion effect. ^_^
dev69's avatar
Winning a battle that looses an empire is no victory.
Breathtaking! I am speachless! The buring hulk of the Arizona has become a symbol embedded in the american psyche just as the photos of the WTC burning on 9-11-01.
Panzerfire's avatar
That's a cool explosion effect!
It reminds me that I'm not as good as you drawing explosions! I may use this as reference to do some of my own.
jhwood9's avatar
I have visited the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor. I reached out and touched the stump of one of the supports of the rear tripod mast. An access ladder and cabling are still visible inside of it.
joewight's avatar
I too have visited the Arizona, many years ago.

After researching and drawing the events of Pearl Harbor, I'm anxious to go back to the memorial.

I'd also like to go back aboard USS Missouri, which is now nearby.
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