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The Luminarium is immensely proud to present our twenty fifth Exhibition to you, bearing the title and theme of "Silver", as to celebrate our silver anniversary.

In scientific terms, Silver is a chemical element which is known for possessing the highest electrical conductivity; with immensely varying amounts of usage in coins, solar panels, water filtration and of course jewelry and ornaments. Story-wise, it's often compared as the second most valuable material to gold. A value that we take highly, as this exhibition marks our 25th endeavor to bring you extraordinary art, a challenge that we take with immense pleasure and excitement.

With a landmark as this, we expected our artists to push themselves to the limit and beyond. That is exactly what we got with more than thirty original works of art set in varying media, which are worth their weight in silver.
To underline our exceedingly talented roster, we turned the spotlight to Andrea Carecci, AKA Magic Fox, who has enlightened us with his amazingly control of technical and creative know how, and was a logical choice to highlight the growing diversity of artists that we nurture.

We are very proud of this achievement, and we hope that our twenty fifth pack will bring you as much inspiration and enjoyment, if not more, than the twenty four that came before.

The Luminarium Staff

I got a submission in as well!

Planeta Argenti by Joetjuhh

With the world around us being vast and beautiful and our artists scattered amongst it; "Aisthetikos" was quite a natural choice after being indulged in our third Experiments exhibition. Therefore Cosmosys is delighted to release its Sixteenth Exhibition: Aisthetikos.

With a set of varying disciplines which makes Cosmosys great, the various interpretation of our collective's artists on the world is nothing short of astounding and desperately in need to be shown to the world through the eyes, brushes and lenses of both veteran artists and newcomers. Events like sunrise, dusk, nightfall. Soaring to high skies and diving in deep oceans. Asking ourselves questions on the way we see the world around and each other. Figuring out the meaning behind beauty, even when the context can be devastating and finally the way in which beauty that is so easily forgotten these days. We answer these questions in the way that Cosmosys does best; by making high quality artwork.

For this Exhbition we decided to underline the talent of Kuldar Leement; with two absolutely stunning commissions to this exhibition and an amazing track record at Cosmosys, it was as natural to feature him this exhibition as it was to decide the theme for it. We ask you kindly to sit tight; hold to your hoists and indulge yourself in the beauty of things with Exhibition 16: Aisthetikos.

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Read the interview with our Featured Artist - Kuldar Leement
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This is my contribution to the pack!
Towards the Light by Joetjuhh

Thanks for viewing!

The Luminarium presents our 24th Exhibit: Illuminate VI. After a summer of change for a lot of us within the team, one thing that hasn't changed is the quality which our artists put into their work. In our 6th installment of our Illuminate series we have some outstanding musical contributions again from  ScottStedman and Clyde Machine to sit alongside photography from the likes of Joakim Olaussen and Andres Gallardo Albajar, as well as Science Fiction scapes from Christian Hecker and abstract art from the likes of Lum new-boy Stuart Ballinger.

The Luminarium presents Illuminate VI

My very first art contribution to the Luminarium can be seen here

Not Quite Alright by Joetjuhh

After the deeply and incredibly well executed themed packs that were Finite, Illusions, X, Self Portrait, Resistance, Overdosed and Mythos, we wanted to give our wonderful artists a way to go all out without any limitations. The artists rose up to the task and “Experiments III” is the result of that challenge. Without any borders, this artpack is the most diverse set of works we have to offer you yet; bringing both vibrant illustrations and intriguing animations to captivating photography. As we made this artpack, some of the thoughts of our artist lingered off to a beloved friend of the Art community and used this opportunity to pay tribute to Pablo Jeffer da Silva, better known as Rockfield; who passed away last year. Descanse em paz, amigo.

Without further ado, widen your eyes for the broad spectrum that Cosmosys offers you with Experiment III, both to celebrate the community that we have within the group and to celebrate the life of a beloved friend.

View this Exhibition here

Also, don't forget to read the interview of our Featured Artist - Maxime des Touches

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My own contribution:

Until all is washed away by Joetjuhh

Thanks for viewing,

-Cosmosys Collective

The Cosmosys Art Collective is really proud to release Cosmosys XIII – Overdosed. We introduced the theme in a new and exciting collaborative Typography project, that was introduced exclusively on our Cosmosys Facebook page. We now show you our full and overwhelming newest artpack, 'OVERDOSED'. Our artists interpreted the state of an 'overdose' in varying ways, via the media of poetry to photography up to digital art. Our result is this new Exhibition.

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Also, I'm really proud to say I am the featured artist!

Check out my interview here"

This is my contribution:

In Limbo by Joetjuhh
Cosmosys is proud to release Cosmosys XII Resistance. From war-torn sci-fi worlds to spiritual personal metaphors Cosmosys XII presents a broad range of interpretations on the theme 'Resistance'. With a range of poetry, photography, illustration and painting Cosmosys XII also offers an exciting array of mediums.

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Also, don't forget to read the interview of our Featured Artist - Andrew Gleeson

This is my submission:

Hang in there, baby! by Joetjuhh
The Cosmosys Collective is proud to present their 11th exhibition "Self-Portrait." We as a group felt we needed a different approach towards exhibition themes. Not the ordinary painting or photograph of your self but we decided to twist things around and make art pieces or photographs that represents us or the state we are currently in. We invite you all to take a look at our 11th exhibition 'Self Portrait', hope you enjoy it!

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Also, don't forget to read the interview of our Featured Artist - jk3y
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These are my submissions!

Self Portrait - Dave Grohl 1 by Joetjuhh

Self Portrait - Dave Grohl 2 by Joetjuhh
Hey guys!

I've just finished and released my own portfolio! All coded from scratch, without cms. I also just uploaded my newest project over there, so please have a look!

Can't express how excited I am! :D

Cosmosys welcomes you once again to another exhibition of ours. "X" our 10th exhibition! Our Artists took this theme and interpreted their thoughts on what value "X" has or what do they think of when X comes to mind. The artists have all worked very hard on this exhibition and would enjoy hearing your feedback and comments. Furthermore, please stop by and enjoy our tenth release here at Cosmosys.

Also check out the interview of our Featured Artist - Josue Ivan

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This is my contribution, which got featured as Featured Art!

Beyond the Horizon by Joetjuhh
Cosmosys welcomes you once again to another exhibition of ours. "Illusions" our 9th exhibition! Our Artists took this theme and interpreted their Illusions into canvas' on a very creative way. Featuring collaborations from Artists like Vlad A. & Joakim, to Poetry from one our Co-Founders - Andrew Gleeson. The artists have all worked very hard on this exhibition and would enjoy hearing your feedback and comments. Furthermore, please stop by and enjoy our ninth release here at Cosmosys.

Here's the link to it: Illusions

And this is my piece Lake of Pink by Joetjuhh

My first ever submission to Cosmosys got accepted right away, so I'm really glad for that! It also got featured! That means the artists of Cosmosys found it one of the 6th best among the 33 artworks! I'm really flattered :).
Surprise! We've been hard at work over at the Revuh Collective over the past few months, and we're prepared to present another art exhibition to you today, just 45 days after we released Alice! With 32 creative works, ranging from photography to illustration and everything in-between, we're proud to present Freestyle II, , the ninth chapter in our existence.
Working within the confines of a storytale when creating Alice [in Wonderland] was definitely a fascinating experience, but afterwards we wanted some freedom to simply create whatever popped into our minds. Freestyle II is exactly that. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Freestyle II - strait from the randomness within each of us.

Like what you're seeing? Help us spreading the art by Retweeting on Twitter, sharing and liking via our Facebook or commenting on deviantART and Facebook!

With love,

The Revuh Collective.
Alice in Wonderland
An adaption by the Revuh Collective

The Revuh Collective is back! After a long period of inner change and hard work of setting up a complete new site and making an other artpack (will be released soon too!) we're returning to the scene with something unique for you.  We're proud to present 'Alice in Wonderland', offering a full narrative of the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland novel written by Lewis Carroll.  Our team has created a multitude of scenes presented through high quality creative works, with no restrictions on the mediums used.  The scenes in the story are demonstrated through photography, digital painting and photo manipulation. We are very excited to present this unique method of story telling to you. We, the Revuh collective, invite you to our adaption of the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, enjoy!

Here's the link to the viewer: Alice in Wonderland

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