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Solaris - Complete Comic

Here is the completed comic for my originally created Transformers characters - The Quantabots.
The Quantabots are an ancient Cybertronian combiner team, who have a mysterious past.

This story introduces them into the Transformers G1 continuity, with some familiar faces along the way.

Whilst almost every other Autobot and Decepticon has left Earth, involved in a 'big space adventure', Someone was left behind to guard the planet... or destroy it's moon! This story is set during Season 2.5.

I want to thank :iconm3gr1ml0ck: for assisting with writing the story, edits on the text, lettering the comic and compiling the PDF. I also would like to thank him for his support from the start on this project and for helping turn my rough ideas into the story you read today...

Colouring credits go to the awesome :icongambits-wild-card: for pages 1 to 4 and the cover, and also to the excellent :iconborezet: for pages 5 to 8. Many thanks for your awesome work!!!

Also making a big contribution to this project is :iconhellbat: who coloured and compiled the character profiles for each of the individual Quantabots. Massive thanks mate! :)

Thanks also to :icontf-the-lost-seasons: for their support of the project.

Finally, thanks for reading this! who knows, maybe one day there will be more stories to tell including the Quantabots and their combined form... Solaris.
© 2015 - 2021 JoeTeanby
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Cosmos is so cool. ^_^
JoeTeanby's avatar
He's one cool mini-bot!
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Sweet, I love the colours on the last 4 pages as well, great job team :D :D
JoeTeanby's avatar
Cheers. I think the colouring all worked fantastically together. Thanks again for your awesome work! :)
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Cheers! Had some great help. It was a real team effort.  :)
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Thanks very much. I'm really pleased how it came out. M3Gr1ml0ck added a lot to flesh out the story and add cool dialogue, and I love how all the colours look throughout. :)
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Indeed: I can see a really good team work! ;-)

Very funny Combacticon's dialogue on page 7! xD
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downloading... love it
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Thanks very much. Hope you enjoyed it :)
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Very cool completed comic Joe! I really enjoyed reading it and the action scenes are fun! Overall great debut and awesome work by the team effort. Look forward to more!
JoeTeanby's avatar
Thanks very much. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun and also challenging making a story with original characters in it. It's more tricky than with established characters I think. I tried to cram in plenty of action, especially as poor Cosmos hardly ever gets involved in battle.
Maybe one day there'll be a continuation of this or a prequel/origin story. I just haven't figured that out yet.
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You're very welcome.
I can imagine but you did a nice balance to fit them with established characters.
I liked the idea of Cosmos using his alt mode as a shield, its believable and it's cool the way your utilizing Cosmos' character since his probably seen a lot in space being their most of the time.
Cool that would be interesting and nice to see one day!
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Yeah, I always felt sorry for poor Cosmos. He seemed so lonely and his motto shows he's a sensitive guy. I figure he needed some friends... :)
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This is excellent!  Great story, great art and a classic combiner team Vs battle.  Love it :)
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Thanks very much! And thanks again for all your help creating the profiles. :)
Yeah, this story was a lot of fun to develop. I always enjoyed when two combiners clashed in the original comics.
hellbat's avatar
No worries mate.  It was a pleasure :)
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