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Hoist - coloured

Here's Hoist again, now coloured in markers.
He's just been to see a Bruce Springsteen tribute act so he's feeling pretty pumped! :)
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He's both a medic AND a warrior.
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Awesome marker job!
I really should give the technique a shot at some point.....

Chrome bits + reflections FTW! :beer:!
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Cheers! Yeah, I find these markers a joy to work with. They're almost like paint brushes and they blend too.
The reflections were a bit of an experiment, but I was pleased how it turned out in ol' Hoist. :)
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what brand do you use?

I have literally zero experience with coloured markers (i think this is, like, the only thing done in markers since I was little), I have no idea where to start... :)
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I sue Copic markers. They're dual ended, so one brush end and one finer line end.
I've got the limited edition series of pens…
They're pretty expensive, but the best art product I've ever used.
I've also got a smaller set of 12 basic colours which my friend gave me. They're also great.
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that much for a set of markers?!

They better draw by themselves! :D
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They pretty much do! :)
They really are nice though.
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I'll keep an eye out if I ever come across them, then...
..although, I think I doubt I'd buy them.

All my 'art supplies' tend to be super-cheap and of dubious quality, I'm not a pro so I cannot justify (to myself) spending much on something expendable......particularly coz I have very little time for drawing, and it (sadly) happens quite rarely.

Plus, I tend to stick to the 'roots' which I discovered on my own so many years ago, it kinda takes me back (and makes me happy, in the process)....and making something with nothing has a solid dose of a rock'n'roll in it. :D
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You've made a great point. I love these pens, but my all time favourite thing to draw with is black Biro. It's such a versatile drawing tool I reckon. You can shade with it and do effects that look like pencil.
I'm thinking of branching out and trying watercolour pencils for my colouring in the future.
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Great job mate!  Love how you've coloured the chrome and the different hades of green.
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Cheers Nav.
With the chrome I tried to put some green in there like reflections. Had a lot of fun colouring this guy. :)
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If you ever want have a go at colouring any of my line art with you markers, help yourself mate.  I'd like to see what you come up with :)
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Thanks! I may just have to take you up on that one day! :D
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Very impressive colouring job considering what you used. Markers usually don't turn out very well in art I see (and certainly art I've done myself); the risk of things looking garish seems to be extremely high. But this is outstanding, Joe, and not only in terms of colouring. I think this is the most action-packed still I've seen in a very, very long time. :-)
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Thank you very much! :)
I have several greens but tried to limit it to just 3 and follow the inking. I think I paid more attention to the inking process this time.
Also, I feel kind of bad for poor Hoist. He always gets stuck building or repairing stuff, so I wanted to show him in a more battle ready pose.
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I like the Brown tones. Good choice.
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Thanks. I really enjoyed colouring him in. I quite like the toys colours.
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Love the colouring in,  the way you chose the greens is well done and the design is Hoist Hollywood like! One question how come his optics are purple pink looking? Did he turn Decepticon?! Otherwise great work Joe!
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Haha. The simple answer is I just liked that pink colour. I wasn't sure which colour to choose for his eyes.
Thanks! Yeah, I enjoyed colouring him in a lot. I was inspired by the old Marvel comic where he saves the day at the rock show!
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Ok then. ^^
You're welcome. Glad to see more of what inspires!
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