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Castle Stalker

Castle Stalker, Scotland. This is my very personal homage to Monty Python. The castle is shown in the closing scene of the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". I love this place since I first saw it in the movie many many years ago ...
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I love it!!! I hope there is the French guardsmen in there!
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This looks a lot like a scene in a computer game I have! :o The only difference is it needs a little more fog and the water being deeper but yeah. :O_o:
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Beautiful photograph ;)
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Hmm... Canon EOS 30D?
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Man, this shot is so great...
I lived in Scotland for 3 months 12 years ago and it's still my favourite country ever....
Would you please just shar what camera (gear) do you use... I've been searching for that in your gallery and can't find any info.
Thank you.
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:w00t: for python
I always wondered what one they used.
I also liked the setting very much.
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The castle is in Highlander too :P
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What a gorgeous spot, does someone actually live there?
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I thought it was from Monty Python when I saw thumb! :D
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It´s a magic place...! *.*
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Bwahaha, you took it because of Monty Python?


I think it'd be nicer if the reflection was clearer, but that's just me.
Scarlett1313's avatar
I could stand there for hours and watch the amazing scenery!

Great shot!
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Oh my, it's as if john cleese and the gang would be running at me through the pc screen <3
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It's a lovely castle, very nice shot. And I just love that film!
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It's the castle of my dreams, I want to live there !
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My friend Martha Dayton Leary-Stalker's great granfather owns that castle, I've been there
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exzellente aufnahme :nod:

but what do i see there ?
Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer! ;)
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Wunderbares Foto, die Farben und das Licht sind erste Klasse und eine gute Komposition obendrein. Ich mag diesen kleinen Felsen im Vordergrund, der ist ein nettes Gegengewicht zur Burg.
xxxoal's avatar
A beautiful photo in a beautiful place.
Great job !
TNRpictures's avatar
what a fabulous shot!!! :clap:
i recognize this castle at first glance...i love monty python and the holy grail!!! :worship:

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:giggle: it looked familiar :D
nice capture :+fav:
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Excellent shot, as well as an excellent movie, haha.
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I seek the holy grail!
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