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Thank you for all of the submissions. I have read through them all and picked a winner. Lots of great entries! Keep an eye out here on my journal in case I do any more of these contests. AND THE WINNER IS ↓

Fae Treant by JoeSlucher

Deadline: Finished!


I’m looking for writing to inspire an illustration for my new book cover portfolio! This is where you come in!

Send me an excerpt from something you’ve written (specs below) along with a link to where you have publicly shared a link to this post through Facebook, twitter,tumblr,etc. I will look through the entries and choose my favorite to illustrate. I will then ask the author for the complete story or other details that may not be included in the excerpt.  From there I will create a finished illustration. File will be made at the dimensions to accommodate your cover dimensions and bleed. I will leave room and account for cover text but I will not be doing the graphic design of the logo.

The winning author will be allowed to use the illustration for any commercial purposes related to the writing including both print and electronic formats of the book. I would just retain the right to display the work and sell prints. In case of NDA’s I will not post any excerpts unless the author gives me written permission.


    ·         Submission must be e-mailed as an attachment in PDF format or Microsoft Word format no longer than 2 pages in Times New Roman, 12-point, double spaced. Please include your name or e-mail in the document somewhere and put your name in the file name. Please include “Contest Entry” as the subject line.

    ·         Entrant must include a link in their e-mail to where they have publicly shared a link to the contest. If you share on Facebook make sure the privacy is set to public otherwise I cannot confirm your sharing. Please use your personal Facebook account when sharing. The reason being that fan pages heavily limit the audience and groups are very narrow as well. I know there is incentive to share with the fewest people possible but the success of this contest determines whether I will offer this again in the future. So please spread the word to your fellow authors. EDIT:I can't believe I have to say the following but I've already seen it happen. IF I see that you deleted your qualifying share after I have confirmed your entry you will be disqualified.

    ·         Excerpt can be on any topic as long as it’s the original work of the entrant. So no fan fiction.

    ·         Entrants retain copyright on his/her submission.

    ·         Only ONE ENTRY per person.

    ·         Not following these rules will likely result in being disqualified from consideration.

Prize: One winner will be selected to have an illustration created by me based off the winner’s text.

Notification: I will announce the winner on November 15th.If I'm able to keep up with reading the entries I may announce the winner before then.





You can see my current portfolio at
© 2015 - 2021 JoeSlucher
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vorropohaiah's avatar
Hey that's Me! Thank you so much for this... Now I better make sure I get that book published :)

And yes you pronounced the name right! 

Thanks again :)
JoeSlucher's avatar
Congrats again! I look forward to working on it.
bupaje's avatar
Hearty congratulations to the lucky dog who won! Notice the envy in my tone? ;) Thanks for holding the contest. Your work is awesome.
JoeSlucher's avatar
Thanks! I hope you'll try again if I run another contest in the future.
bupaje's avatar
I will. If funds allow and you do rough sketches I'll reach out to check your rates.
JoeSlucher's avatar
I do rough sketches. If you follow my Facebook page you'll see how I tend to work on covers. Currently posting the process there from thumbnails, rough sketches, final lines,color rough, and final. I will warn that I'm not cheap but definitely reach out if you're looking for a custom piece that really tries to nail your book.
bupaje's avatar
Thanks Joe. I will follow your FB page. I'm at the 'cheap' stage right now, but hope to use your services if the writing gets some traction.

I went back to school at 48 and got a degree in animation. I worked for a year in a Flash studio doing production art (mostly cartoony stuff) before we had a major layoff and after 8 months out of work, and no luck as a freelancer (underpaid gigs, people who didn't pay after work was done etc) I finally took an office job to feed the family. I mention this so you know I understand the 'not cheap' bit. You have to get your price to survive.
JoeSlucher's avatar
Sorry to hear about the work history. Unfortunately that's all too common with animation and gaming artists. I've worked as an AD for some small publishers so I likewise understand the "cheap" stage. Good luck with your project.
bupaje's avatar
Thank you. All the best.
bearmountainbooks's avatar
Thanks for the contest.  It was great fun. I know you take commissions too -- where should people contact you if they want to commission a cover? 
JoeSlucher's avatar
Thanks for participating and helping to spread the word! I hope I pronounced your name correctly. is always the best place to contact me.
thecoldembrace's avatar
Looking forward to if you do this again. Next time tell us the tone of what you are looking for, it helps us choose a better piece that you'll enjoy doing :)
JoeSlucher's avatar
Well the tone of many pieces wasn't the issue. It was just too similar to gaming artwork I have created in the past so it didn't make sense to pursue for the purpose of creating a portfolio of new work. It could have been violent but involved spirit aliens and it would have been okay but werewolves fighting each other wouldn't exactly be new imagery for me. I included the link to my portfolio and hosted the contest on here so that people could see what I have already done. I think a lot of people looked at my work and went,"oh he likes to do that so I will send him more of that." Maybe I could have explained better what building a new portfolio means. We'll see if I end up doing another one of these. I thought more people would submit and there wouldn't be as many people trying to get around so few requirements. The post reach was pretty shallow as well so I don't think it even advertised myself well. That said it was genuinely fun to read all of these excerpts and there were a couple of writers with impressive popularity that submitted.
Hey Joe, any news yet? My book is ready to be published and I'm working on a cover, so basically was just wondering if you could let me know if I'm NOT in the running. Sorry to be a pain...

JoeSlucher's avatar
I will announce the winner sometime tomorrow.
thecoldembrace's avatar
So I sent an email with the link to the post/share. Will there be a confirmation to know if you got it?
JoeSlucher's avatar
I got it. Just sent you a confirmation e-mail.
NightshadeWarrior493's avatar
All right! Here's the share; nightshadewarrior493.deviantar…

Sending the e-mail now! Best of fortune to everyone entering!
JoeSlucher's avatar
Thanks! Looking forward to reading your entry.
Brickgenius27's avatar
the journal:…
by E-mail? not just send you a link here?
JoeSlucher's avatar
E-mail is best that way I can keep them organized and keep track of what I have read and what I haven't.
Brickgenius27's avatar
marilynpeake's avatar
I saw this contest mentioned in the Writers' Cafe on KBoards. Your artwork is stunning! I submitted a contest entry by email. :) 
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