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Fae Treant


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Wow you did a great job! It looks so amazing! :D
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Hey, good job!
Cool tree monster design!
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beautiful work! I'm trying to figure out the patron thing myself but I'm not finding it very intuitive..
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Thanks. Yeah the Patreon UI is pretty aweful and I feel like it's still a hurdle to get people to support on there. Seems like people prefer kickstarters.
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butifull work you make!!:D
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Thanks for the compliment and faves!
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so beautiful. great inspiration
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Thanks for the comment and fave!
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Hug my pleasure!
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Beautiful like a dream ! :clap:
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Thanks for the kind words and fave!
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Love the apples hanging from the tree-spirits back/head.  

This is great stuff - looking forward to seeing other Patreon works!
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Thanks Melissa. In the books, the Cthaeh knew everything that had happened and would happen and used that knowledge for evil.  Made me think of the tree of knowledge which eventually led to me putting in the apples and the snake just as another fun reference. 
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Thats awesome, I like it even more now knowing that.  
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wooooooooooooooooooow this is so neat :D!
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