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The Step-Witch

Dillon thought he was getting a new step-mother, but instead he's just gotten a new step-witch into the family. And she doesn't want a step-son. She wants a daughter.

New from Sick Puppy Press. Art & Story by Joe Six-Pack 17-page full-color comic book for $8.95. Read more about it and download a free preview at
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Dillon never like is his step-mother. He thought she was a witch. The problem. She was. The problem he said and did the wrong thing. So started a path which he did realize what was happen to him

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Ohh more like this tg comics. I love TG Curse 10/10


I want to see comics: 

"boy transformation in to friend stepmother"
"boy transformation in to cheerleader/bimbo"
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Thanks for the feedback!
First, let me say Joe, that I'm a fan.  But this wasn't your best, but keep the the stories and comics coming our way.  
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I'm sorry we didn't get you on this one. Hopefully we'll satisfy you on the next.
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Good to see you back Joe, I was getting worried there for awhile.
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We weren't going anywhere. It just takes time to make stuff, that's all.
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Fantastic! So glad to see more comic format stories!
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Everyone loves a good comic.
I'm always a big fan of mind alteration (though not mind control) but generally i don't like magic as I find it kinda "cheap." However the one exception I make is when the magic changes not only the person but the world around him/her at the same time such that no one is really cognisant of the change (basically everyone is mind altered). Hence I did like this one albeit not as much as The Golden Palace or A Curious Curse both of which are similar in their "world changes along" themes.

I think this one felt a lot less natural than TGP or ACC as basically everything was controlled by the step witch with a specific goal in mind. In both TGP and ACC although large changes were happening everything felt natural with all the old and new relationships being built and modified in ways that went with the flow. In I didn't really like how in TSW old relationships and new ones were made and broken more because his step witch wanted them to as it felt more like she was making a puppet than a daughter.

That being said this is just my personal feeling and not all stories need to have exactly the same "flow." A story about a stepford daughter transformation has its place. The comic was very well illustrated with various transition very well shown although I did like his/her penultimate look more than his/her ultimate look as the penultimate looked more natural and I did enjoy it, especially some of the middle scenes which really showed how his/her outlook was changing.
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Magic is a little cheap, which is why I don't use it too often. But to do a short comic requires some shortcuts, and magic is the ultimate shortcut. As for Golden Palace and Curious Curse, they were happier endings than this one. 

I like his "next-to-last" look too, but the last look was the clincher to the story.

Thanks for the feedback!
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bought the book and loved it, the artwork is really great and natural looking, great story!
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Thank you. It's great that people like it so much.
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so perfect so sexy so a good mind change perfect tg transformation i love itThe WAT 
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Thanks for the kind words!
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Yay ! Thank YOu for the wonderful amazing story/art that you always do. Hugz!!! Thank you! Hugz!!
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Thank you for getting it.
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Hugz! Thank you so much for the reply and doing this. Looking forward for everything you do. Hugz!!!
Great read! I love that we get full comics and stories now from you!
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I'm glad you liked it. But comics are a tough thing to make. I don't know how to make more than one or two a year.
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yeeees buy it!!! perfect my dream
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I'm glad you're excited for it!
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Oh, and use the code "FWD15" at for a 15% discount!
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Thanks for the discount code! Always happy to save money on your work. :)
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