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Convicts to Co-Eds

Here's our newest book, "Convicts to Co-Eds" by Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear with 31 illustrations by Joe Six-Pack. Fans of TG books will immediately recognize Courtney and Claire as authors of best-selling TG books from Amazon, and creators of hundreds of fantastic captions, specializing in teenage transformations. Learn more about the book at

Courtney's dA page -> :iconcourtneycaptisa:
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Glad you liked it!
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yes i buy it i buy it
Brought it and read it. 
My initial impressions:

The Image: Page ratio was lower than what I generally like (1:3-4 is the target range I look for) but the sheer size of the story (154 pages) made expecting this ratio a little more unreasonable and 31 is already a lot. The story itself did a good job spacing the pictures and including a lot of characters in the pictures to show the progress of each character.

I liked the setting of the story. I generally hate it when a story's setting does not really make sense such as a public school where someone unaffiliated with what is going on would notice and should be freaked out. A highly isolated private school like this is a perfect setting to keep those with no business mingling into the story from doing so.

I also liked that the story was rated "R." A realistic TS story like this should deal with the realities of the change which is something stories often try to gloss over or indirectly deal with them due to the sensitive nature of the topic. Either that or the story goes all in pornographic and uses that in place of story telling. This story treaded the fine line between the two by including and directly acknowledging the mature subjects but staying focused on telling the story.

Since the most important Theme for me is "Mind Control" (specifically mind alteration) and I won't purchase a story without it so I'll talk about it's presence in the story. Although the effects of it are strong on many of the main characters it really does not have that strong of a presence. That is in the body there are a few scenes with it and it's obvious its being used behind the scenes but actual direct application is scarce. However I do recognize this story was not aiming to is not aiming to look into it very deeply so it's not really fair to complain or give it a bad review when it's really just a person preference.

The one thing I truely truley disliked about the story was the final time skip. Near the very end of the story a big time skip occurs. Although there are several details of the main character's change up to this point, the before after change of the time skip was huge. The changes occurring during the timeskip would have been the most interesting ones for me to read in detail so to have the changes only implied after the fact and not really shown left me feeling a little short changed. Effectively I was waiting the whole stroy to read about them just to reach a sudden "The End" sign. To be clear I do recognize that this was part of the story telling technique on the author's part and that expecting another 40 or so pages to fill in those gaps may have been unreasonable but some direct details would have been nice. For example, the main character kept a Diary. Seeing her entries during that time would have worked really well.
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Ooo, I like this concept! Definitely buying this book when I get home.
“If,” she whore in her diary that night, “If, if, if I was really a girl, this is what
I would want to be.” (End of page 129).

Nice editing Joe ;). Someone has a dirty mind if "wrote" becomes "whore" =P

Btw, real good work on illustrations Joe, you have really improved. Your teaser image was probably the worst one of the bunch.
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I personally guarantee at least three typos in every book we sell. That's a Sick Puppy Press promise!™
"Bree nodded. “Right, so you haven’t shown them were all the girls go to make out in secret away from the teachers then?”" (Near the end of page 18)

Welp I did my part in ensuring SPP keeps it's promise. Who has #3?
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The runner on the top of every page says "Fated for Femininity" instead of "Convicts to Co-eds".
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So it does. Sad face emoji.
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