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Brides of Candlewick

The third book in the Housewives of Candlewick Court series is out! Based around the people living in a new housing development that has a mysterious purpose. It seems that every family is undergoing some kind of unexpected change. Fathers become mothers, children become parents, boys become girls, everything seems to be changing inside the houses of Candlewick Court. Even the clocks seem to be turning back to an earlier time in history. But why?

Every book tells several stories, some told over the course of multiple books, but each book has a complete main story. In this book, we finish the story of Colin & Elliot Finch as they try to dupe an executive into allowing them to move in as mother & daughter. Then, they'll take them for everything they're worth. At least, that's the plan. We also learn more about the Greysons as they stumble into the mystery of Candlewick, and find themselves in the crosshairs of the people behind it Plus, two complete stories: Essence of Rose and Fit for the Part.

159 pages, 39 illustrations. Story & Art by Joe Six-Pack. Read more about it at and download a free 57-page preview. Also, you can now buy the first three books for a discounted price!
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Is a fourth book still being planned?

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Well, a fourth book was/is planned... But I doubt we will get there. This series did not do well for us.

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Personally, I'd love to see it, there's a fantastic idea of taking Lilly and warping her into this Stepford-style reality.

But that's just a personal preference, business is business, do whatever is best for your's.

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I wish I could see the continuation of these stories!
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i agree
i love this series
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Maybe at some point.
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is being planned a possible 4th book?
just knowing that, is enough to me for the moment
I really liked Colin turning into Dottie, the perfect 1950s housewife. In the other story I liked Andy turning into Mary, the 1950s devout Catholic woman, then finally into Sister Mary, a nun. Hope to read more about these characters!
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I'm glad you liked it. I'm not sure when I'll be able to revisit the series again. It didn't do very well with readers.
That's too bad, I love 1950s fashion. Fancy hats, gloves, girdles, stockings, bullet bras, and perfectly coiffed hair.
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Yeah, I thought I had an idea that would find a good audience, and I was surprised when it kind of landed with a thud. I'm only about halfway done with that series, and hopefully I can find a way to finish it.
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can't wait to read the next book

ps. from what you said, there should be 6 book of the Candlewick series?
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I won't get into details, but there were plans for over two years' worth of releases. That's no longer the case.
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A shame
I really love the candlewick series
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i like to know how long till the next book is posted?
not only of the Candlewick series
i don't wanna rush things
i simply love your stories and can't wait to read more
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We don’t have an exact schedule, it’s just a matter of getting a book to completion and pushing it to the final stages. We’re hoping to get something out as soon as we can do it.
Dude, stop it with the blonde III comments.  Your comments wanting it are all over the place on here.  Joe will get to it when he is good and ready.  If you want it so bad, then write your own fiction.

joe, I <3 your your work and love candlewick. 
Bought my copy through Lulu just a few hours ago. Once again Joe, not a dud in the mix. Always worth both the price AND the wait.
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from the previews
the 4th book is gonna be awesome
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That looks like a dream come true to me!
Hey not to complain but do you have an non-candlewick stories in the works ? 1950’s are just not my thing. Still bought it cause I like supporting the site.
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There's one complete story in this book which isn't strictly a fifties story. There are also future stories in this series which won't be fifties-themed, but the majority of it will be.

As for books outside of Candlewick, we've planned to publish our normal stuff during the last few months, but so far nothing has been quite ready to put out there. Our intent is to have non-Candlewick books soon, but I can't guarantee when they'll be done. We'll try, though!
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