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Who would you nominate as videogames toughest women? Preferably ones that share a relatively realistic look that I could put in a pic together without anyone looking out of place :) Remember this crappy old piece of mine? Well I'm planning on redoing it from scratch since the virus has given me time stuck at home: Give me some names of who you think would look good in a big crossover pic together and I'll get cracking :) - Jill Valentine (Res Evil 3) - Claire Redfield (Res Evil 2) - FemShep (ME3) - Samus (Metroid) - Cassie Cage (Mortal Kombat) - Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat) - Ellie Langford (Dead Space) - Ellie (Last Of Us) - Trishk
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If you have any extra reasons you think society is getting worse, I'd love to hear them. Considering what a dummy I am, you'll probably have much better reasons that I came up with :) Reason 1: They're protected from you but you're not protected from them. Now, any of you that work in retail or any kind of customer services role will know exactly what I mean here. If you get some dumb, rude f'wit carrying on like a porkchop at you, you're not allowed to tell them how stupid they are or rip out a street sign and smash them halfway across the city with it no matter how much you want to or how much they would deserve it. No. You have to just suck it up and baby them otherwise your job will be in danger. Reason 2: Dumb people are too dumb to realise they're dumb. I know you've all tried arguing against a stupid person at some point and got incredibly frustrated by it. You'd have just as much luck arguing with a toaster. It's pointless. A rational, sane person can have a
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Can you guys please help me make a list of gaming's toughest boys?? I need a new project since I'm bored asf and need to get the taste of the new Masters of the Universe cartoon out of my head :P We're not including comic or movie characters so here's a couple I'm adding in as my own suggestions to start us off: - Commander Shepard - Master Chief - Doomguy - Marcus Fenix - - - - - - - - - When we have out list I'll slap together a big dial screen wallpaper like this one I did a while back for the ladies:
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you know, i have my own adorable monsters that look like...somthing that resemble somthing

maybe you will love somthing out of them and discover a plan for somthing yourself that look far more better

Omg your littler monsters are adorable! :)

If arent watching this, then I think you should. I'm loving the first episode already.

I didn't even realise it had started! I'll get on this now. I googled how to watch it in Australia and got a rude surprise when I saw this synopsis... Watch Heels Online: Free Streaming & Catch Up TV in Australia | 7plus

I hereby predict that in ten years, every single character in comics, games, tv and movies will converted to being black, female, LGBTQ+ or basically anything other than a straight white male. Remember that you heard it here first bruv. Nostrashaunus has spoken.

So I guess Im playing Fortnite, now that Ariana is being added