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I finally finished my horror comic! It took a very long time! You can read it all right here:…
So this is an essay I wrote last time something really horrible happened, and tonight after a few drinks I finished it.

December 17th, 2012

So I'm sitting in Panera, eavesdropping on a nearby table as they talk
about the recent tragedy in Connecticut. There's one guy and two
girls, all in their mid twenties, all quite good looking and all quite
stereotypically dumb.

You can tell some people are idiots just by the sound of their voice.

I hear them cycle through just about every talking point they've
recently seen on the news. Informing each other of all the new grisly
developments, in grisly detail. They even take a minute to bash the
insensitivity of the media, ignoring the fact that they've been eating
this shit up for 36 hours and counting.

I'm torn between my anger with the press for giving this psychopath
exactly the kind of national attention he was looking for and outrage
at the public for their endless appetite for such stories. Chicken or
the egg, I suppose.

The guy at the table hasn't said much. If I had to guess, he's just
trying to figure out a way to get the two girls into bed at the same

It occurs to me now at the ripe old age of twenty-three that, "growing
up" is a great big joke. We hope that with the arrival of Adulthood we
will be bestowed with some great wisdom. Some previously untapped pool
of knowledge that will make the right decisions abundantly and forever
clear, both for ourselves and the world at large. We rest easy in the
knowledge that the grown ups are in charge and therefore everything
will be okay. What we learn however is that the very idea of the adult
is a great illusion, put forth by a bunch of new parents who were and
have always been figuring it out as they went along.

Some people figure out more than others.

The girls have soon moved onto complaining about the parents of their
dance students who apparently are all so fucking stupid and more or
less settle on the fact that the whole world is against them and it's
becoming an increasingly cantankerous adversary.

They soon get up to leave, and I once again pretend to be very
interested in my paper coffee cup. The guy throws a casual arm around
the girl on his right, then a few steps later reaches for the girl on
his left.

I watch them stroll through the parking lot, their steps in unison and
I hope it all works out for him.

In this world, it would be comforting to know that at least someone
got everything they wanted.

Another table sits down and you can probably guess what they're talking about.
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So I'm in a band and we just finished our first EP, which you can now hear at

Music and making music has been a big part of my life for a long time, but this is by far the most ambitious thing I've done. I do the singing and the acoustic guitaring for the group and anybody who likes music should give it a listen, because we all worked really hard on it.
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Can we just stop saying it altogether?

I hate writing it because it always feels so fake, and I hate receiving those comments because they always sound so obligated.

Now, having someone fav your work is a great compliment and I always appreciate the hell out of it it, but I just think that at this point, that phrase has become mandatory, and has therefore lost any and all sincerity.

So, while I don't want to seem ungrateful for all the faves I'll receive in the future, I'm just not going to say it anymore and I would encourage everyone else to do the same.

Most profiles I see on here are all exactly the same, with their endless lists of identical comments.

Thanks for the fav!
No problem!
Thanks for the fav!
No problem!
Thanks for the fav!
No problem!

And it just seems a little silly at this point.

So I'm going to say this one last time for everyone who has ever faved my work.


I really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, but I think that phrase has become a completely empty statement, so I'm done with it.

And I really hope that doesn't offend anyone, but the very last thing I want on this site is for my words to feel obligatory or insincere.

I think as a community of artists, we can agree that each and every person who has every favorited our work has genuinely brightened our day, and since we all know how good it feels to be appreciated, we really don't need to keep telling people what they already know.


By, "watching" you, that person has declared they are genuinely interested in any and all of the new pieces you're going to put out in the future...and that's just the best compliment there is. So I'll still be commenting on all my new watcher's page to let them verbally know how much I appreciate their appreciation for my work, though I'll always try to go into a bit more detail about my gratitude.

I'm also always a little disheartened when I see someone has faved numerous pieces in my gallery but has not added me to their Deviant Watch, so that always adds to my appreciation for those that do.

So what do you all think?

Is it an already understood and unnecessary statement, or is it a common courtesy like saying, "God bless you" when someone sneezes, that while cliched, still holds a genuine weight of sincerity?
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I've got one now so if you've got one go ahead and add me at
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Because comics are awesome to make, I've started a weekly webcomic!  It's called, "No More Rain," and it's completely themeless.  Just whatever I feel like drawing that week.

This week I felt like drawing little boys and their hot moms, and you can read and follow it at How the heck do you do those automatic link thingies?

Anyway tell all your friends, I'd like for this thing to be read by as many people as possible and to propel me to stardom and fame!  I've already decided what next week's one will be about.
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About a month after I first bought my car from Henry, who lives on Amherst St. in Colonia, NJ, I realized the inside door handle had begun to crack.  A few months afterwards the handle completely broke off, and I had to then roll my window down and use the outside handle every time I needed to get out.  Little while after that my Father was able to tie a string around the gadget that opens the door, so by pulling the string my door would open.  Soon enough however, the string broke and so once again I have to roll my window down and use the outside handle.  Finally the other day it had snowed and when I went to open my door it was stuck.  Now this was very common as it had frozen shut plenty of times before, so I just began pulling harder...and harder...I realized something was amiss but decided I'd investigate the matter further after just ONE MORE PULL...

That's when the front piece of my door handle broke off.

When I climbed inside from the other door which opened right away, I realized that I had somehow accidentally locked my door, and that's why it wouldn't open.  I can't believe I hadn't thought of that but I never lock my door, and it's unfortunate it had to happen on a day where it had snowed.

Also a couple of weeks ago someone hit my parked car and put a nice dent above my front left wheel, so now my door slightly brushes against it when it opens and make a very loud noise.
        I can still open my door from the outside, I just have to use both hands, one to push up what's left of the handle, and the other to jam a couple fingers underneath it.
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