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Pimp My Desktop Part 76

The good old times ....

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 - Version 1703 (Build 15063.608)
Windows Visual Style: Minim VS
Windows System Icons: Blanked
Wallpaper: Unsplash by Matthew Smith
Rainmeter: Rainmeter Beta 4.1 (r2922)
Rainmeter Clock: After Yesterday
Rainmeter Weather: Notes
Rainmeter Audio Player: Vinyl
Rainmeter Audio Visualizer: Kantas
Taskbar Icons: Shirae Mini

Used Tools for editing Windows 10 Creators Update:

Transparent Taskbar: Translucent TB
Aero Glass: Aero Glass for Win10 15063
Windows Fonts: Winaero Tweaker
Changing Windows Colors: Classic Color Panel
Classic Explorer w/no Ribbons: OldNewExplorer 1.1.8
Changing System Icons: CustomizerGod
StartOrb: Selfmade via (Classic Shell)
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what are your aero glass settings?
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You should use AeroGlassGUI, set the blur to zero (left) and no glass color from desktop background.
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name of the font? Thanks!
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the name of which font?
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what the Dock?
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There is no Dock. It is just barely the regular Windows Taskbar! :-)
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How to do it like this?
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First create a new, empty folder f.e. in C:\Users\Yourusername\Documents -> and name it "whateveryoulike".
Unlock your taskbar by right-click and uncheck -> Taskbar Fixation
Then just right-click your windows Taskbar -> Toolbar -> New Toolbar -> and choose the empty folder you have just created!
Now just drag your "whateveryoulike" toolbar to the left of the taskbar and adjust the regular taskbar with the double lines you see. When all good, again right click and uncheck "Show Text" and " Show Title". Then fix the taskbar again!
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You´re welcome i hope check my gallery
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Awesome screenshot. 

P.S. I'm stealing that wallpaper :D
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Hey mate, cool! You definetly should steal it and bring it to the linux community, haha :-)
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Already done man, already done!
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Glad you like it, many thanks :-)
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Good sheet bro.. Love It <3
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Nice desktop La la la la Clap 
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