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Playing some more with "Pharaoh At War Weapons Props and Poses" in DAZ Studio and Iray.  This time with elephants and a kitty
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What is the elephant was scaled up? Would it not look more majestic?

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The poses are so horizontal that the only way I could fit them all in the environment was to be is a wide shot, thus the elephant seems tiny ;)

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the splendor of yesteryear

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Rich and exotic!

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Always impressive work.

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Phew... I'm glad it's not about the disease...

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I couldn't think of a title and "Elephantiasis

" always sounded like an ancient emperor name to me ;)

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Stunning image my friend I have yet to play with this set..You did a wonderful job :)

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Thank you, I love this set but it requires so many products to uses all it has. I normally don't do much ancient Egyptian stuff but there was so much animal stuff too that I couldn't resist it on sale ;)

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I bought the elephant items first and got the rest in the last sale it was too good a deal to miss I cannot moan :)

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