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Attention to the nerds! And the ones that aren't nerds, too. After a long unplanned hiatus, 2 Little Bastards is back, and it's better than before, because it has some real real good colors by :iconannsiri: 

PLEASE PLEASE READ IT! It doesn't even take very long, it's mostly pictures, not even that many words. 

Go to it here:

I also have a snapton of new drawings and coloring I want to show you, but it's too many to upload right now. I'll put some of them up later, though. 

Good night!
Hey guys! 2 Little Bastards was recently featured over at

Please check out GMI if you haven't yet! It's a convenient way to read 2LB, and a lot of other neat comics while you're there.

Also, 2 Little Bastards! Book 1 is still available over at

That's all!
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Hey guys! The first 2 Little Bastards graphic novel is coming out soon! I'm real excited! Are you?

I'm taking pre-orders here:

It's a full-length graphic Novel containing:

-The first seven 2 Little Bastards stories!

-Dozens of  intermission comics and gag strips!

-Exclusive bonus comics and illustrations not seen anywhere else!

-"2LB Design Works," a special 30-page sketchbook section chronicling the development of 2 Little Bastards!

All Pre-orders receive a free Promo Trading Card and a 2LB Refrigerator Magnet!

Ships October 3. Please order it!

<3 <3 <3
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The 7th story of my webcomic, 2 Little Bastards is up!

Read it starting here:

This time it's about Spike's Job in the corporate world.

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It's been up for a long time now, if you haven't read it yet you can read it, including it's long-lost cover here: It's about a bird that gets loose in Mag's house. Birds are neat.
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I have a download code for Gears 1 that came with judgement. If any of my watchers wants it post here to let me know. If more than 1 wants it, I'll pick someone with a random number generator in 2 days from the posts. That seems fair enough, right?

And story 5 of my webcomic "2 Little Bastards" is done. This time it's about a plant with some bad habits.

You can read it here:
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:iconkeylessentry:'s game just came out! It's about a boulder that is smashing men and obstacles!

the game:…

the trailer:…

Check it out!

Also 2 Little Bastards Story 5 has started!

It starts here:

Also, the comic will only update 3 days a week for the next few weeks, sorry!

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:( ;_; :( ;_; :( I'm bawling here. This is really sad. The 2 main characters from 2 Little Bastards were murdered in cold blood, seriously.

If you aren't caught up, you can read the story of how they died here:

But don't worry! The comic will continue! There are just a few changes, I hope it's not too noticeable. You can check out the new version of the comic here:

Also, 2LB is still featured over at :iconpetenks:'s GMI manga, here:

sorry guys....
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:iconpetenks: recently added 2LB to their great manga collective, Global Manga Initiative. So you can now read 2 Little Bastards over at, as well as the normal site. You can also check out a ton of other cool manga over there, please give them a look!
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This time it's about a Jawbreaker. It's based on a true story :O

You can read the stories in any order, but you can also read the comic from the beginning if you want to here:

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This one is about a murderous ghost!
You can read it here:

If you haven't read the comic at all, you can start from the beginning here:

Also the comic now updates 4 days a week; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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Read the comic here:

Yes! Starting this upcoming week,  I'm posting new pages on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday now. But not Tuesday. Fuck Tuesday.
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Hey guys! Well, after hitting just about every possible snag, including losing power for a week because of the hurricane, I've got my web comic online! The comic used to be called Hey Guys!, but I have a better name for it now that is a better description, it's called 2 Little Bastards! I posted the whole first story and a couple pages after it. It will update on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you've got a minute, please read it, and tell me what you think, even if you hate it! It's here:

Thanks guys! bye!
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hey guys, been really out of it the last half a year. Sorry if I missed anything. I've been drawing my ass off as usual though, and have something good coming up real real soon.  Keep working hard on your stuff guys, I will too. seeya
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:icondstroh: posted a story that i think is important and i want you to read it. thanks. it's here:…
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I have not posted here in some time, but I'm back again. I've been working hard full time++ on a graphic novel called Maglenda's Errand Girls, with the writer Louis Badalament. There's an animatic of the first chapter of the story now, which was put together by Peter Badalament. You can check it out here:…

Last night i was goin outta.

outta my mind.

well seeya