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Yin - Yang

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From a recent shoot. The models came to me with this idea, and I have to say it was a good one!

Models:[link] and [link]

Please don't make me regret not watermarking this.......
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I'm an amateur Photoshop user and Drama teacher. I love the idea, it's still quite raw and might be worth re-shooting if possible, the most visible is the photoshopping around the meeting of the white and black dresses, and also the squiggly lines of the black dress close to the edge of the circle are noticeable, i just wished that this was a clean photo. At first I thought it might be better to have them with their own colour gloves on, but in the end i think the effect of linking arms is better. I wonder if you have any other shots with a cleaner line between the models. What i mean is, that creates a more obvious Yin Yang symbol, in this photo it's quite a broken line and i think you would capture more attention with a more obvious symbol. Congrats on the DD and Great work!
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It's really good, epic beans was what first sprung to mind <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/b/b…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/> I really like the way their bodies curl around each other, it looks very peaceful and serene which i suppose is meant to be conveyed. I like the use of contrasting skin colours though i expect someone who was darker skinned would've provided a more beautiful contrast. though i like how the hair of both models(?) has a sort of redish tint to it, but looks black against the background. I like how in the top right quater(?) theblack material has been digitally blended or something(?) And the use of gloves is really innovative. However the concept is not so original but the presentation is brilliant <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/s…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
The impact could be imoved by better contrast but i dont know if you were going for a more gentle contrast or...?
Still, wonderful, really caught my eye
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This is just a beatiful piece of photography. From the way the two models are posed to the detail in the backgroundand the dresses. This is simply a perfect piece that shows the balance between good and evil between the results of two different women. I would recommend this piece to anyone who is in need to be shown the balance between the differences and results of what can happen. This is another beatiful piece of this deviant's gallery. A very beatiful piece that deserves the title of daily devation. Amazing job and I hope you do more of it.
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SammiJoPhotographyProfessional Photographer
I featured you in my journal this week! I hope you enjoy it! misstearini.deviantart.com/jou…
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joemillProfessional Photographer
Thank you so much!!
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SammiJoPhotographyProfessional Photographer
You're welcome! :)
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SammiJoPhotographyProfessional Photographer
This is very lovely! I love their clothing. Great work!
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grillozHobbyist Traditional Artist
wonderful :)
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Good work!
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yanzi-5 General Artist
this picture has been in my head for a year,then I found it here today.
very nicely done!
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joemillProfessional Photographer
Thank you so much!
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MicheleHansenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, very nicely done!
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Amazing concept! And great execution!
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nice concept, beautifully expressed
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Rita-RiaProfessional Traditional Artist
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BayonaloveartHobbyist Writer
Great work on the placing of the clothes
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NeumaticHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice touch having the models wear one glove of the alternate colour.
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orziloveKTEHobbyist Artist
It's amazing!!
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lilWonderHobbyist General Artist
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What a cool concept.
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TzilaRaviv Writer
Very cool!
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YellowTreeFairyHobbyist General Artist
its beautiful and the simplicity of it is amazing
i think that it is a really interesting take on the traditional yin yang
its a rally beautiful piece

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Miss-OptimisticHobbyist General Artist
this was a really amazing idea and well expressed. kudos to you!
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