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Headcanons vs. Cursed Child (mild spoilers) by JoeMerl Headcanons vs. Cursed Child (mild spoilers) :iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 7 22
50 Words of Mickey and Kitty
Summary: A Total Drama one-shot. Wherein the friendliest girl in the race gets close to the boy who would otherwise be the unluckiest. Fifty short Mickey/Kitty prompts.
001. Focus
Unlike her sister, Kitty could actually have a boyfriend and still stay focused on the race, thank you very much.
002. Room
"Sure there's room. Come on," Kitty said, patting the seat beside her as Emma looked disapproving.
003. Sink
"Hold on! I'll...think of something," Mickey said, trying not to panic as Kitty sank deeper into the quicksand.
004. Story
"Yeah. Mickey can go on for a while if he has an audience," Jay grinned, as his brother and Kitty had a very animated conversation ten feet away.
005. Pool
"Oh, cool! Your house has a hot tub!"
"Yeah. Jay and I use it as part of our physiotherapy."
"Does that mean we can't just go in it for fun?"
"I...g-guess that would be okay."
006. Hook
Mickey was rapidly becoming addicted to selfies—or at least,
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 18 25
Little Skull on the Prairie
Summary: A Total Drama one-shot. Crimson is depressed, until Ennui finds something to help cheer her up. Set during “Little Bull on the Prairie,” written for the Crimsennui Week prompt “’Til Death Do Us Part.”
Ennui was frowning (more than usual) as the Goths left the dude ranch and ran towards the Chill Zone. He should have been happy; they were in first place, due to his girlfriend's impressive bull-riding abilities. But it was hard to be excited when Crimson was obviously so upset.
He wondered if he should say something—but then, he had never been particularly good with words. Plus Crimson could get so moody when something was bothering her; usually it was better if he didn't go and get all emotional too.
Ennui was so deep in thought that it took him a moment to notice when Loki started to chitter wildly, waving his paws to get his attention. Ennui looked up just in time to see the obstacle on the path before he hit it. Loki let out
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 10 10
B and Staci: Listen
Summary: A Total Drama drabble. B and Staci almost have a meaningful conversation.
"Yeah, and my great-great-great-great-aunt Myrtle is the one who invented tables. Before that, people ate all their meals on rocks, and everybody got fungal poisoning."
B nodded. Staci continued.
"And chairs were invented by my great-great-great-half-cousin Leo. He got the idea from..."
Over her shoulder, B saw Anne Maria look back at them and roll her eyes. B took a bite of his salad, then let his gaze wander around the rest of the resort. Brick was swimming while Dawn meditated in a pool chair; Sam, as usual, was inside with his Game Guy. They had all learned to avoid Staci by now. If only the local genius had been that smart.
"...which is how the first Canadian settlers learned to skin beavers."
She finally stopped talking, to B's intense relief. He nodded politely, the usual lazy smile on his face. He took another bite of his food, only to look up and see Staci eyeing him with a
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 5 5
Change of Plans - Ch. 11
Summary: A Total Drama fanfic. Courtney wants revenge on Duncan and Gwen, and soon Cody becomes an unwitting part of her plans. Then, things start to get complicated. Eventual Cody/Courtney, AU from “The Ex-Files” onward.
"Niagara Brawls," Part 2
"I didn't get Sierra. I didn't get Sierra. I didn't—"
Alejandro cleared his throat. "Um—hermano? We, how you say, get the picture."
Cody chuckled nervously. "Sorry. It's just—this is kind of the best luck I've had all season. I didn't get Sierra. Heh."
The four boys were waiting outside the dressing room while the girls changed into their dresses. Alejandro glanced at Owen, who was rhapsodizing about the possibility of getting one of the wedding cakes from the obstacle course. Duncan had his knife out, carving his initials into the bench that the four were sharing.
Alejandro slid next to him, talking out of the side of his mouth. "You really blew the first part of the challenge o
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 1 8
Summary: An Invader Zim drabble, part of a collection of unusual pairings. Keef makes a (very) new friend!
"Hey, Zim? It's me, your best friend Keef! I'm out of the hospital again!" The boy craned his neck, as if he could somehow see over the purple men's room door of Zim's house. "I thought we could see a puppet show! Do you wanna see a puppet show, Zim? Huh? Do ya—OW!"
Keef turned around, his clothes smoking, to see that the gnomes on Keef's lawn were suddenly standing behind him! He held up his hand in greeting. "Well, hi there! What are you guys doin'? You're not really supposed to move around like that YOW!"
A moment of burning, blasting and beating followed, after which Keef was thrown out of Zim's yard and onto the sidewalk. He landed right in front of a pair of black shoes.
"And THIS is Keef! He's a little boy who's Zim's bestest friend! Which is pretty funny because Zim really hates him! HA!"
Keef looked up
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 3 0
50 Words of Funky Flow
Summary: A Steven Universe fanfic. He’s a goofy but heroic magical warrior, she’s his bookish but surprisingly tough best friend, and these are fifty short scenarios from their relationship. Steven/Connie, COMPLETE.
001. Heart
"Happy Valentine's Day—" she began, only to stare as she saw Steven on the ground, hopelessly tangled in a paper chain of hearts.
002. Stone
Steven carefully took the bubbled Gem and placed it floating above Connie's outstretched hands. "Centipeetle? There's someone I want you to meet. This is my friend, Connie."
003. Cold
Most guys would offer their girlfriends their jacket. Steven's just summoned his bubble to keep out the wind.
004. Hole
"Oh," Steven said, as Connie lifted her foot to reveal that half of her shoe had melted. "Yeah, sorry...I guess I should have warned you about the lava. You can borrow my spare sandals if you want."
005. Cut
"See? We'll still be fine without your healing powers
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 17 11
Broken Heart
Summary: A Steven Universe drabble. In their early days on Earth, Pearl is forced to teach Rose an unfortunate lesson about humans.
The humans were gone now. Their settlement had been destroyed. Pearl walked amidst the wreckage, not sure what had happened or what she was supposed to think.
She could hear Rose Quartz crying. Her soft sobs seemed loud in the otherwise deathly silence.
"Rose?! Rose, where are you?!"
Her response was soft, like a whimper, but just then Pearl saw her, kneeling in what had once been the largest of the primitive human dwellings. She looked so out of place among the splintered tent poles and torn canvases flapping in the wind—tall, strong and immaculate, except for the ugly tear tracks that were shining on her face.
"Rose—are you alright?! What—"
And then Pearl saw the girl.
She was a small human, which meant that she was young—one of the oddities of organic life was the way that it grew and changed, becoming st
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 12 4
The Way It Is
Summary: A Harry Potter one-shot. Ginny is an idealist. Astoria is not. Set during "Deathly Hallows."
Ginny heard a scream as she burst into the corridor, wand already drawn and a dark look on her face.
Sure enough, the scene froze after everyone looked up. Ginny instantly recognized Agnes Monkleigh, a Slytherin girl in her year who had become a fervent devotee to the Carrows, standing over a younger girl who was coughing and shaking on the ground. A gaggle of other students stood nearby, either watching or refusing to watch the scene with equal horror.
Monkleigh recovered after a split second, meeting Ginny's gaze and curling her lip. Ginny followed suit.
"What's going on here?"
"None of your business, Weasley. Now scram before I get Professor Carrow."
"If you mean Alecto, I have it on good authority she'll be in the Hospital Wing for the rest of the night," Ginny said with a grim smirk. "Now leave."
Agnes slashed the air with her wand, but Ginny wa
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 3 0
Summary: A Harry Potter one-shot. Ron and Hugo play chess.
Ron was trying to read some important paperwork for the joke shop (which could be summarized as "laws you didn't stop George from breaking this month") as his son sat on the couch, kicking the air indignantly.
"It's not fair! Why does Rose get to go to the Quidditch game and I don't?"
"Because you sent your cousin to the hospital," Ron said, not looking up.
"I DIDN'T MEAN TO! And James deserved it! Even Aunt Ginny said so!"
"We're not arguing about this again, Hugh. Go read a book or something."
"But I've already read all my books! Ooh! Can we go to Diagon Alley and buy some more? And then stop at the Quidditch store and see if they have any new Cannons posters? Please?"
Ron closed his eyes. He was beginning to realize that there was no point in trying to work unless he found a way to keep Hugo entertained—and honestly, this work was dead boring anyway.
And that's when Ron decided that h
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 2 3
Summary: Snape hated Wormtail. Drabble, one-sided Snape/Lily.
"You can't treat me like this! I'm not your slave!"
Snape waved his hand lazily, not even looking up. "If you have a problem with my instructions, Wormtail, perhaps you should have someone talk to the Dark Lord for you. I'm sure he could find you another assignment..." The faintest smirk crossed his lips. "Keeping Nagini well-fed, perhaps?"
Wormtail looked like he was about to shout, but instead he spun around and scurried away like a rat, allowing the bookshelf to slam shut behind him. As soon as he was gone Snape's snide expression turned into a scowl, and he glared after him, feeling his pulse quicken.
He hated Wormtail.
Snape had hardly noticed him, growing up—nobody had noticed Pettigrew, because there was simply nothing notable about him. He followed Potter and Black around like a fawning house-elf, of course, but he rarely went out of his way to antagonize Snape like t
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 1 3
Total Drama: Each Character in Six Words - Part 3
Summary: A Total Drama fanfiction. The characters of TDPI, summarized in six words each.
The evil twin with the mole.
Hmm, B's more vocal this season.
"The Normal Guy" slowly goes crazy.
It's season three all over again.
She has weird taste in men.
Useless gimmick means he goes "poof!"
Tiny supervillain fails to conquer island.
Quite the heartbreaker. Of himself, mostly.
The good twin, but surprisingly tricky.
Nobody ever suspects the quiet ones...
Total Drama, apocalyptic dystopia, same difference.
Our least evil girl jock yet!
"What's another reality show to parody?"
Another Chris? One was bad enough!
Those New Interns Who Have Shown Up Since TDWT
They snark quietly from the sidelines.
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 5 1
Me, Being Stupid by JoeMerl Me, Being Stupid :iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 2 6
Sitting on the Sidelines
Summary: A Daria one-shot. Evan Landon loved football. Too bad he never actually played it.
When Evan Landon was a baby, his father Andrew’s fondest wish was for him to be a football player. That would be the perfect complement for his daughter Jodie, who was already on the fast-track to becoming the first African-American/female president. And after all, Andrew could have played professionally himself, had his entrepreneurial ambitions not gotten in the way. (And no, Michele, that was not just a burgeoning midlife crisis talking.) Now it was up to Evan to fulfill that dream for himself.
Too bad that was a dream that Evan would never seriously consider.
“Go Ravens! YAAAY!”
The five-year-old cheered, sitting so far on the edge of his seat that he threatened to fall out of his chair. Jamal Lewis scored a touchdown on the Landon’s TV screen, which was so massive that they might as well have been sitting at the fifty-yard line. He pointed excite
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 0 0
Meet the Robinsons at Hogwarts by JoeMerl Meet the Robinsons at Hogwarts :iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 4 2
Summary: An Invader Zim drabble, part of a collection of unusual pairings. Someone rescues the Skool President from the underground classrooms.
She moaned, her eyes half closed, her entire body limp. She felt nothing but exhaustion and despair; even the pain had long since faded, though she was still hanging in the air by her arms that were manacled to the wall. Pain would have almost been a comfort at this point.
Where was she, anyway? She could barely remember.
Oh, right. The bathrooms. Why did I have to complain about the bathrooms?
It was such a little thing, really. She had tried not to rock the boat. She just wanted the toilets to be a little cleaner. Was that too much to ask?
The Re-Educator machines would start up again soon. She wished they would just break her, force her back into being the happy-go-lucky Skool President that the administration wanted. Maybe she was too far gone for that. Maybe her mind had been shattered so much that it was j
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 3 0

Random Favourites

L E G O by saintwizard L E G O :iconsaintwizard:saintwizard 1,122 107 Got your....Nose? (super old art) by AccursedAsche Got your....Nose? (super old art) :iconaccursedasche:AccursedAsche 2,676 229 SUPERBOY MEETS BILLY BATSON by JayFosgitt SUPERBOY MEETS BILLY BATSON :iconjayfosgitt:JayFosgitt 109 21 Family Ties by tarajenkins Family Ties :icontarajenkins:tarajenkins 492 21 Steven Universe: Unpleasant Surprise by Neodusk Steven Universe: Unpleasant Surprise :iconneodusk:Neodusk 3,751 506 i keep the pines in proper places by mushroomstairs i keep the pines in proper places :iconmushroomstairs:mushroomstairs 76 15 A Pirate Story by Kikaigaku A Pirate Story :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 1,125 126 First Date - Selfie by NightOwlett First Date - Selfie :iconnightowlett:NightOwlett 103 23 The end of LarsXSadie by Shadaty The end of LarsXSadie :iconshadaty:Shadaty 247 50 Unstable harmony by StasySolitude Unstable harmony :iconstasysolitude:StasySolitude 228 18 Metal Rose by Shadaty Metal Rose :iconshadaty:Shadaty 745 59 Giant Woman by WishingGirl Giant Woman :iconwishinggirl:WishingGirl 56 2 Alien-Fighting Kids by PrincessHarumi Alien-Fighting Kids :iconprincessharumi:PrincessHarumi 806 41 Steven Universe Redraw by basedartist Steven Universe Redraw :iconbasedartist:basedartist 260 20 WoAh by AngryPastry WoAh :iconangrypastry:AngryPastry 60 7
Stuff I like, for whatever reason. Mostly fanart.


Overall this is really well-done. Mako and Bolin family stuff is always nice, and you make these kids so cute it's ridiculous. Onto the...

This is an interesting picture that manages to capture a somewhat different style from the show. The first thing that stands out is def...

I am addicted to critiques. I don't know why---I enjoy it, plus I figure it's a great way to advertise myself while also advertising others to all of my watchers. Anyway, feel free to browse through these for something you like. :-)
It was :iconthecartoontitan: this time.


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1. What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

I dunno. I watch the Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Christmas special multiple times every year. 

2. Who's your favorite TGWTG reviewer/former reviewer if you watch them?

I'm not sure if I can pick a favorite, to be honest. Probably the Nostalgia Chick or Obscurus Lupa. 

3. If you had to stay in one place for the rest of your life where would it be?

My house, away from everyone else. 

4. Favorite/ Least Favorite Disney Canon or Pixar movie?

I'm not good with "favorites." :X I really liked Up. And Bedknobs and Broomsticks is pure nostalgia for me. For least favorite, I recently saw Mulan II. It was pretty horrible. 

5. What's the worst episode you've seen of a cartoon you like?

I don't think I can pick a "worst of all time ever," but...I'll go with "Proposition Infinity" from Futurama. Preachy political episodes can be bad enough, but they're far worse when they derail the characters and make no sense and why the hell should I care if Bender and Amy can't get married when their relationship is as shallow and unhealthy as a puddle of swamp water, and she was with Kif like, ten minutes ago and then they just get back together at the end so the whole episode winds up meaning nothing. If you were going to go this stupid route, why didn't you just hook Bender up with some new human character or something BAH it was like they were so eager to just write anything about gay marriage that they didn't notice how stupid the story was dammit!

(If you were expecting a Total Drama episode, I'm disqualifying those because they come from whole seasons that I hate.)

6. Your most hated media character who isn't from… that show?

Family Guy. Like...every main character. I hate Family Guy. So much. 

7. What would you do with a time machine?

Well, I could try to kill Hitler in the past or something, but I'd probably just wind up breaking know what? I'm gonna go back to my hatred of Family Guy and make it so that it never gets un-cancelled. I think that's the most good I can do for the world without accidentally erasing myself from existence or something. 
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Anyway, hello! My name is JoeMerl, dAddict and obsessive member of many fandoms. I mostly draw cruddy MS Paint fanart, write far better-quality fanfiction, and am also working on some original fiction that gets posted here in bits and pieces. I hope you like my stuff, and if nothing else, thanks for one more pageview! ;-)

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Current Residence: Pensacola, FL, USA.
Favourite style of art: Cartoonish.
Shell of choice: Turtles.


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