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The Fire That Burns

My working title for this piece was Bushido (Japanese for, ‘Way of the Warrior‘). it’s a code the samurai lived by, emphasizing loyalty, honor, duty and self-sacrifice. Obviously having tattooed myself with the image of a samurai, this code means a great deal to me. But as for the reason I chose to go with a different title, once I sat down to look at the results of the shoot, I noticed the eyes had a fieriness to them caused by the light reflecting off the blade. I really liked the effect and instantly two words came to mind, passion and determination. And then the new title… I hope you like it!

the samurai/dragon tattoo is real...unfinished, but nonetheless real

Model: Me
Photo/Edit: Me
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This is an awesome pic :D!Btw your tattoo is amazing (even if it is unfinished as you said)!!!!.Its too bad the actual samurais didn't realy follow theyr own code :/.

In any case Bushido is defenatly an hornorable code to leave by and in this days its harder than ever to follow even the most basic of its principles.
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thanks for the comment! yes i agree, Bushido can be a grueling way of life
i love the samurai,the way they worked themselves up to the top of the community by the endless victorys on the battlefield!i'm getting a samurai also at the end of this year.Cant wait for it!Ur tattoo is great and i hope you have alot of fun with it.
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thank you for the comment. and good luck with your samurai. hope it turns out the way you want it to
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Very cool, your props and photos are amazing:worship:
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thank you very much! i'm pleased you like my work
colandra79's avatar
My pleasure, I do!:)
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I just looked through your gallery and found THAT! I have to say: I absolutely LOVE it! The light, the expression in your eyes just perfect! Great work! :)
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wow! thank you very much. i really appreciate the comment. thank you for looking through my gallery ;)
sarcastic-Assassin's avatar
Great photo! It reminds me of the Five Finger Death Punch song Death Before Dishonor. And you mentioned that your tattoo is not finished, I'd like to see this shot again when it's finished.
And as for the title, both choices are good but for this shot I think The Fire That Burns really describes it the best.
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thank you for the feedback! i'm glad you like the piece. i'll be sure to incorporate the tattoo in the future once it is complete. and thanks for the fave!!!!
sarcastic-Assassin's avatar
Awesome, I'll be watching.
RinoTheBouncer's avatar
Great one, like a movie poster !
joelwho's avatar
thank you! i approach my work as though they are a scence from a movie. each character has an story and what i capture is but a moment of their lives. it makes me happy to know my vision comes across in my work.
and if you don't mind, may i ask how you came across this work? i ask because it has had several views today and i'm not sure why. is it featured somewhere? if it is, i'd like to thank the generous soul
RinoTheBouncer's avatar
yeah it is actually a sentence from a movie. I approach and create my works on the same basis.
and I believe that's one of the most perfect ways of creating an artwork, when you succeed in picturing a word from a song or movie then you've done it all PERFECTLY xD
I came across it through getwatchers viewer xD :)
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thanks i forgot it was on getwatchers. i haven't been on there in a couple of months. it's funny that all of a sudden that piece had a lot of activity.

thanks again!
RinoTheBouncer's avatar
Oh you're welcome xD my please, ur works are awesome :)
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thank you very much! i appreciate the comment and the fave!!! may i ask how you came across this work? i ask because it has had several views today and i'm not sure why. is it featured somewhere? if it is, i'd like to thank the generous soul
Jacob-Routzahn's avatar
I think that this is a pretty good self portrait. Very crisp and clean, not easy to do. Cool pose as well. The only thing I would say is maybe try to take out some of the red (if you want). I think a black and white version would look tight too!
joelwho's avatar
thanks for the feedback, i truly appreciate it! being new to DSLR photography and working with photoshop for only a few months, i can certainly use all the help possible. with each new photo session and edit, i look back on my previous work and realize what i could have done different. so yes, i agree. the photo could do with a little less red. as for a b&w, i never considered it for this piece. interesting observation. i'll have to kick that idea around a little. thank you for your time and insight. if you have any more suggestions on any of my work, i'd be grateful if you'd share.
Jacob-Routzahn's avatar
Hey no prob fella. Do you shoot in RAW? If not, do. The amount of control over your photo without degrading it it amazing. Hmmm, what else. Do you use any filters on your lens? Do you use layers in PS or do you just make adjustments to the photo itself? Is there a reason you shot at 1/30th of a sec and an f-stop of 2.8?
joelwho's avatar
i do not shoot RAW. frankly i don't understand it. i guess i just haven't taken the time to learn about RAW...maybe i should.

no i don't use filters. again, i'm ignorant of filters. i hear they can truly enhance an image tho.

i do use gels with my lighting...mainly red and blue so far. i love working with light

yes i use layers in PS. i duplicate the layer, make an adjustment, then flatten the image. then i'll duplicate again and so on...

no there isn't any particular reason i shot the image with these settings. i used a prime lens for this shot. i set my camera on Program, set the white balance to cloudy and fired the shot with a remote and what you see are the results

thanks for all the questions. i enjoy discussing the process. i really like the production part of making art.
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