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The Fire That Burns



My working title for this piece was Bushido (Japanese for, ‘Way of the Warrior‘). it’s a code the samurai lived by, emphasizing loyalty, honor, duty and self-sacrifice. Obviously having tattooed myself with the image of a samurai, this code means a great deal to me. But as for the reason I chose to go with a different title, once I sat down to look at the results of the shoot, I noticed the eyes had a fieriness to them caused by the light reflecting off the blade. I really liked the effect and instantly two words came to mind, passion and determination. And then the new title… I hope you like it!

the samurai/dragon tattoo is real...unfinished, but nonetheless real

Model: Me
Photo/Edit: Me
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This is an awesome pic :D!Btw your tattoo is amazing (even if it is unfinished as you said)!!!!.Its too bad the actual samurais didn't realy follow theyr own code :/.

In any case Bushido is defenatly an hornorable code to leave by and in this days its harder than ever to follow even the most basic of its principles.