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PP01-06 - Biohazardous Waste

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I got an order of 20 gauge needles, and was eager to test them out.

Coupling that with my lack of anything at a measurable degree of 'artsy' for my page, I decided to take and alter some shots using flypigmy's digital camera.

For the most part, the only manipulation was inversions, colour hue/alterations, and some work to remove backdrop elements.

Hope you enjoy my first recorded play piercing experience.

For anyone interested, they are Introcan Certo 20g (1.1m) x (1 1/4") 32mm needles.

This shot was my waste, which naturally was disposed correctly in my personal needle bin. I thought it made a cute arrangement, and moved some elements around to make it more photogenic. I love how there is blood droplets on the needle itself and I hope you enjoy this shot.
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nice pic . im scared of needle's and sharp stuff and i got to go for blood work on me soon .

im taking my wolf plushie with me to hug .

i scream like the doctors are killing me T_TTTT

i have a phobia called aichomphobia