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Greetings, me peeps n' furs, hope ye're all doin' splendid.

Sorry for the silence again, life has been kinda hectic n' all over the place lately. Particularly health- n' housing-wise.
It's something I didn't want to tell y'all(I find it kinda embarrassing), but during me last high school year, I was diagnosed with Morbus Crohn, which is a type of inflammatory bowel disease.
I usually managed through the years, but Thursday night last week me stomach suddenly grew so upset that I had to be at the hospital throughout the weekend. Turns out that a flare of inflammation has blossomed at the stomach area. >n< I gradually grew better though n' was "let free", but will be expected to return soon.
Bother that things like this happens just to obstruct me plans..

Another thing that I don't mention often is that through the years, I've been looking after an own housing(apartment) to move into. Had no luck up until early this Autumn when a small apartment was found available. Meaning this dragon is finally on the move of getting a cave of his own. :dance:
Is a small one, but it's a start. :peace:
So I'm currently jumping back n' forth between getting art done n' sorting out what essential material shall fit in me new living place.
Hence is why I've gone kinda quiet again.. >.<

But I'm willing to get back in full art swing, especially now with the help of me dear saltheartfreak.
Me progress with colouring in Photoshop has often been slow n' sluggish since I've been using nothing but mouse n' keyboard, and she wanted to help improve me efficiency by letting me borrow an old bamboo tablet of hers. I was sceptical at first, but after plenty of trials n' practices, I actually got the feel of painting with it after all. I might even be able to draw sketches from scratch inside the computer if more practising is made. Thank you so much, Sal, me dear, ye're the best~! :tighthug::heart:

And it will become really handy now, because,
Some time ago I joined an alt.-comic cover contest featuring Rob Turner(polycomical)'s comic book series Reynard City,
hence the reason why this
Reynard City - The Iron Trail by JoeltheSwedishDragon
came to existence.
Certainly was interesting, even though I didn't win.(Cheers to KendallCollins.:peace:)
Afterwards however I really didn't expect that Rob would ask me if I'd be willing to help produce the second graphic novel for his comic book series' reboot.(Info can be found here.) o-o
I may be pretty busy with the arts n' stuff that I wanna/hafta do, both here online - like the trades n' commissions I should've gotten to several years ago 6.6 - n' in Real Life - *Cough, couch*, me animated short film, *Cough, couch*. But I'm an opportunist (and quite a bit of a multitasker I admit) n' this is something ye don't get asked of every day.
So after a bit o' test-drawing on his main characters - like these pieces  AK Girl Joel by polycomical, Wondervixen Joel by polycomical n' Hyper Rob Joel by polycomical here n' more to find on his group :iconreynardcity: - I took the assignment.
(Whether I'll be illustrating upcoming novels every two years or so will be up for the future to decide)

So yeah, life sure can take some twists n' turns in time.
Also on a side note, if ye're curious to find me at other places outside DA, here's a list of where I am so far.

:facebook:Facebook Joe.Draco89:facebook:


With that written out, thanks for have taken yer time readin' it all through and thank you so much for your patience this far.
Until further notice; Stay awesome, hope y'all enjoy the goodies of life n' I'll catch ye m8s later, hopefully soon enough. Peace


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


My door for commissions is closed for 3-4 notes that came in some time ago. I'm still hell-bent to get to check 'em, but there's still a mess of stuff around me in need of sorting out both online, like fleshing out Paypal, and irl, like getting my animated short film done and to get myself a proper employment. (My deepest apologies, dear commissioners, for taking such a long time. Still having things a bit troublesome over here, but I'm getting to ya soon...)

Spotlight COMMISSION SLOTS Spotlight


    Bullet; Yellow 1. CanineHybrid [Will get to it...]

 Bullet; Yellow 2. Dragoniade [Will get to it...]

Bullet; Yellow 3. LunarKeys [Will get to it...]

Bullet; Green = Available Bullet; Yellow = Looking into it Bullet; Red = Settled

For you who've ordered yer commission, I know that it's really beyond overdue right now, but I've sworn myself a promise to answer soon enough, and on my reptilian honor I shall keep that promise by gum, I swear it!

And if not, then may Thor or Draco from DragonHeart strike me dead!CURSE YOU!


Art status: (Actually, most of the stuff has completely slowed to a halt... Sorry guys, but when the energy of spirit and inspiration is low, then everything is going slow... But I'll try to get back to them as soon as possible.)


Workin' on me dragonsona references - the whole thing:



(Finally got around to make pre-scribbles! Now awaits the pages to be drawn)




My next possible art status (Needs update, it's pretty inconstant right now..)


ravenfire5: (Definitively a sona-TF)
(A story is blooming, but still needs plenty o'watering; pondering dat is)


(We'll see when all these projects will get started)



Peeps who were so kind to make art of/for me,

Thank you for all your sweet and wonderful gifts and trades, everybody, love y'all! >/w/<



Some awesome artists n' brilliant peeps I recommend to visit↓



(Me brothah, man!)


Some I met in RL,


... and some I'd love to meet in RL at least one day :la:


Of course, You're all equally brilliant in yer unique ways, guys. Thumbs UpMeow :3



Emote likes Trains
  • Listening to: Zootopia + Nitw OST
  • Reading: DA+FA Messages
  • Playing: With me Light Table n' Bamboo Tablet


Joel Pettersson
Current Residence: Student & a Swedish Reptile
Favourite genre of music: Everything with feelings.
Favourite style of art: Pretty much the golden ages of Disney + Japanese animation from Ghibli and T.M.S. + French animation.
Skin of choice: Dragon scales, most certainly. :P
Favourite cartoon characters: Casey Jr, Jake Long the Dragon, Wildcat from TaleSpin, Yosemite Sam and many others..
Personal Quote: 'Trains rule and cars drool', 'They're friggin' nuts, those humans' & 'It's better that it rains today so we can enjoy the sun in the tomorrow-day'


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N'you, mate? Doing splendidly I hope? :peace:
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