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A quick little something to help me get over an awful case of art block. I have no motivation whatsoever lately.

Man, all I can think about is how tangled her hair must get, poor thing. I know that feel.
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This is cute enough to KILL!! I could just curl up and die!
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Fluttershy's mane looks awesome to me!  "let it flow in the breeze Sweetheart!"  😍😎
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She's not real idiot. 😑
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And now in a high res pls.^^
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Oh god that's so cute Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
May I use this art for my story What Happened After ? I really like it, and it fits my impression of Fluttershy for my story. Thank you!

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Yes you may. Thank you for asking first!
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Can you upp it without any links?

Or maybe with the link in one of the corners, rather than barely readable in the middle of her mane?
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SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i don't know how you do it.
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awww.. so cute eyes.

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So awesome!!!
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