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Happy almost summer, everybody! Nothing quite like the Royal Vacation to help you unwind.

Just a little something before I leave for my vacation. Whipped this up in a couple of hours, and I rather like how it turned out.
Thanks for looking!

EDIT: Ohmygosh, I never expected this big of a response in such a short amount of time! Due to popular request, high resolution is now available for download! Woohoo!
Here's some mood music if anyone's interested. This was my background track while I was painting :)

Featured as the header for the Equestria Daily Drawfriend Stuff #1188!
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Wow this piece is simply gorgeous! I am absolutely blown away by how beautiful this is!

Gasp! it's so beautiful. *Almost dies because this is so amazing*
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This is BEAUTIFULY done!!!!
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This is such a pretty moonlit scene, and the detail is exquisite. Really magnificent artwork.
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Beautifully done!
Luna is so lovely in this!
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Love the wings. Very beautiful. Love it.
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...And I love the Night a whole lot too ^.^ Splendid art! Luna <3
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wow this image is beautiful, amazing work :) would you mind if i used this for an atmospheric song? you will of course be credited in the song and description.
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That would be fine, thank you for asking first! :D
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You can really see the weight in her wings and body! :D
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The detail is mind-blowing! Clap  This is one of the best Princess Luna artwork I've seen! AWESOME! Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap 
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Amazing work here
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This is beautifully designed 
love it!
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Thank you so much! :D
for some reason this reminds me warcraft 3 frozen throne
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incredible wings! :o I hit "favorite" before I even realized it.
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oh... it's beautiful!
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i love it!!! its simply amazing, luna is so well drawed... i love it!!!Freddy intensifies Cool Black and White Heart - Free to use owo Deep Red Hearts - Free To Use Rarity: Fabulous Glitter Celebration Flight Want  {Gift} 
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