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Fall Fashion

Get ready, kiddos. It's almost that time of year again! Time to walk down wooded paths, crunching leaves underfoot while sipping your expensive seasonal coffee.
Alright, I'm trying to get into the fall spirit. Goodbye, summer :c

Rarity's pH level is about 13 here.

This one was color practice, background practice (I hate hate hate painting backgrounds) and speed practice. I tend to get wrapped up in details and take forever to finish a picture, so I've been challenging myself again lately to get things done in a few hours. Every bit of practice helps, I suppose!
Thanks so much, Equestria Daily! Featured in the Drawfriend Stuff #1298 and as the header for the Music of the Day #381.

Happy fall to all of you in the northern hemisphere!

Edit: Full resolution image is now available for download!
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Freaking amazing, you did an awesome job on this!!!!
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Thank you, darling!
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This is so beautiful. 
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a beautiful basic pony. yessss! :love:
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so purdyfull! La la la la 
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<3 Lovely artwork!
"Time to walk down wooded paths, crunching leaves underfoot"
YES! :D Aaah I love that so much!
while sipping your expensive seasonal coffee"
Ah, that... unknown to me. lol XD
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Rarity is best basic white mare. :heart::heart::heart:
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you should make a tutorial how to draw tree.
This is so beautiful
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This is amazing! Especially the background! It looks so real!
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Holy nuggets

this is AWESOME

What program do you use?
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Thank you! :D I use Adobe Photoshop CS2.
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Super awesome bruh keep it up!
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Your one of my fave artists, following Nazegoreng, Centchi, HappyKittyShop and aymint. <3
JoelletheNose's avatar
Aww, thank you so much! :heart: Much more art on the way c:
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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz 
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Ah, pumpkin spice lattes, sunset colored leaves, and cold, crisp air. This is my favorite time of the year  
Bound-To-The-Ground's avatar
time for pumpkin flavored everything 
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
Jesus Christ the pH joke! XD  
Is that a meme, because I feel like I've seen pH levels mentioned a lot recently.
shadap I'm too busy to get out much :U

I love how you even went out to write PSL on the cup. And the cutie mark is the name that's so clever!
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