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Awina-the Four Sisters Begin

By Joelglaine
Awina is of the Hulutu race, native to the planet Nadda-Haltu. Awina is an unmodified (except for her violet hair) example of the female of the species. If she went to ancient Earth, she might be called a Naga by some. She is cousin to the Measure-of-the-Bridge-Between-Worlds. The Measure wears clothes and a human face because of something that happened long ago. Awina is the niece of Tyyee the White, called a Queen of the Nadaragah race.

Tyyee disappeared almost thirty years ago on a human planet, that was invaded by the Jongwe, a hostile Machine-life species.

Awina had hired bounty-Hunters to find her aunt and rescue her from whatever fate befell her...if she lives.

Awina might affect a shoulder-bag, but she only dresses for state occasions, or for parties. Only in her first hundred years of life, she is still a party-girl, through and through! Now that its night in Nadda-Nadja city, It's party TIME!

Figure drawn by mouse in PSP7 as a png over months of doodling, and bg is Vue 4 Demo I did as part of "times of Nadda-Nadja" series I did.

[EDIT] I reposted the wrong image yesterday! Oops! Here is the final version. Yeesh, I need to dump some old art in the recycle bin!
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UnderworldDJ's avatar
That is AMAZING. I love the design~ <3 GREAT job
Joelglaine's avatar
Thanks. I got thousands of designs like it or better in the gallery.
UnderworldDJ's avatar
Welcome~ I'll have to check them out C:
InfiniteFruit's avatar
...You drew this with a MOUSE?? :noes: DAYUMN!! That's pretty good. I still can't get that good yet.... :ohmygod:

So since Awina is niece of Tyyee the White, then she's cousins with the Measure, no? :D
Joelglaine's avatar
Yeppers I tried a hald-assed version Awina some years ago. The character didn't survive so I didn't improve the urge to improve her. If I did her today, I'd do a better looking version.

Anyway, She, Tall White lady, Martya and Floona intercepted an Asuran ship and got shot down for their trouble. Awina didn't survive, and Martya was gravely wounded and never really recovered from it.

Secret to doing mouse drawing is to do it HUGE and shrink it down to hide the awful faults.

Awina is daughter of Syyree, little sister to Tyyee the white. Syyree hates Measure and vice the versa for what happened.
InfiniteFruit's avatar
She's still cool, though. :D
Wow, you've got this in the storyline? :O_o:

Oh....okay, I didn't think of it that way... :XD: Cewl!

I can imagine...
Joelglaine's avatar
The first threads of the story started there. They started weaving themselves when I did the first image of Toxic. The rest they say is history. :XD:
InfiniteFruit's avatar
I saw that image of Toxic. It was cewl! :icondragonnodplz:
Joelglaine's avatar
Thankies! It was pretty primitive. LOLOLOL

I guess I've come a long way since then.:XD:
glowing's avatar
This is REALLY really good Joel! I LOVE her eyes.
xelaalex's avatar
Oh yeah, she's stuck around a while hasn't she XD still its kinda awkward without links to next pags and stuff
Joelglaine's avatar
I agree. :( I'll figure it out. I hope.
xelaalex's avatar
Yeah, if not I'll have to @_@ and you have nearly 700 deviations total! That's an insane amount to be filing through...
Joelglaine's avatar
I got most of the other deviations out of the way. Before DA went wonky on me. :p
xelaalex's avatar
Yeah that's good.
TheBrokenOne's avatar
Her facial expression is so cute and fun, that's just the type of creature she seems to be too. :D Nice work!
Joelglaine's avatar
She's a party girl, irrespective of species or culture. There is more of her upcoming. ^__^
KittenKiss's avatar
It's so cool to see anthro's that aren't all just cats!! WOOT FOR NAGAS! XD
Joelglaine's avatar
Glad you like her! Cat's are easy to make cool. That's why I'm NOT drawing cat-girls. Because it is TOO easy! Give me the road unwalked, and skies undreamt of and I will walk with people unheard and unseen in the waking world of mortal men, and sup with monsters and fae beneath the magic moon of desire! THAT is my motto for art! Yeah,baby! ^__^
sidneylang's avatar
WOW this is awsome awsome awsome. I like how you reflected the light off her, real purdy
Joelglaine's avatar
OMG! Back from the grave! I was thinking you died or something! Thankies for the comment!:nod:

Where you been? You ok? Or were you just busy? Bored? Kidnapped by aliens? I missed your comments. Glad to have you comment! ^__^ :hug:
biancamarou's avatar
This is one of the few naga females that I've seen. She has a very cute type of face.
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