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Awina-the Four Sisters Begin



Awina is of the Hulutu race, native to the planet Nadda-Haltu. Awina is an unmodified (except for her violet hair) example of the female of the species. If she went to ancient Earth, she might be called a Naga by some. She is cousin to the Measure-of-the-Bridge-Between-Worlds. The Measure wears clothes and a human face because of something that happened long ago. Awina is the niece of Tyyee the White, called a Queen of the Nadaragah race.

Tyyee disappeared almost thirty years ago on a human planet, that was invaded by the Jongwe, a hostile Machine-life species.

Awina had hired bounty-Hunters to find her aunt and rescue her from whatever fate befell her...if she lives.

Awina might affect a shoulder-bag, but she only dresses for state occasions, or for parties. Only in her first hundred years of life, she is still a party-girl, through and through! Now that its night in Nadda-Nadja city, It's party TIME!

Figure drawn by mouse in PSP7 as a png over months of doodling, and bg is Vue 4 Demo I did as part of "times of Nadda-Nadja" series I did.

[EDIT] I reposted the wrong image yesterday! Oops! Here is the final version. Yeesh, I need to dump some old art in the recycle bin!
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That is AMAZING. I love the design~ <3 GREAT job