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Published: September 3, 2007
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Apophysis flame fractal using bipolar plugin. Also see Turmoil and `MichaelFaber's Expanse.
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Amazing! Love the colours and the spirals! Great job :D :+fav:
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HauntedVisionsHobbyist Writer
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rormnsa2getherHobbyist Digital Artist
love it :love:
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sci-cloneHobbyist Digital Artist
Well I'm gonna :+devwatch: you ... and all pleasure is mine :D !

Have a GREAT day!

C U :D ;)
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fractalinda Digital Artist
Amazing work!
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LordFreezaProfessional Digital Artist
Joel, your work is awesome!!!
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Very nice! I'll certainly have to give the bipolar plugin a whirl meself! :plotting:
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Cool - lots of energy and movement :)
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Love how it looks like little balls of flame, or some kind of weird dragon skin-related something or other.
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ColliemomHobbyist Digital Artist
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baba49Hobbyist Digital Artist
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LonesomeFaeryHobbyist Digital Artist
:winner: Congratulations! I loved your piece so much I featured it in my journal this week! Keep up the good work!:highfive:
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Bipolar? So the variation works half the time and the other half it tells you to F*** Off and walks away? =P

Can't wait for it man, great job as always.
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:lol: Precisely! Actually, in mathematics, bipolar coordinates are a type of orthogonal coordinates based on the Apollonian circles. [link] :O
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you lost me at orthogonal. i may know a lot of math, but not quite that much =P
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bipolar? möbius! [link]
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It's based on bipolar coordinates [link] . Möbius transformations are different (and can be done in apophysis using the spherical transform and post-transforms). For your personal projects or GPL'ed releases --> [link] ;)
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ahh, that's clarified a lot for me, thanks :) i curious, seeing the effects of the möbius xform in apo renders but nothing in the code to directly do it... shows what l33t flame-making skills i have :(

(btw, i'm going to abstain from flame rendering a bit during my finals, there's enough conflict of interest with my new 3d stuff as it is; after that though i hope to help out :devmobilectro: with some apo plugins which will of course be released.)
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The name "spherical" actually comes from stereographic projection. It isn't directly coded as a variation. If you look at the decomposition on the wikipedia page [link] it is a little easier to see how it works:
f1(z) : performed by the affine transformation (which includes translation)
f2(z) : This is exactly the same as the spherical variation.
f4(z) ᵒ f3(z) : The post-transform is another affine transformation (so it does dilation, rotation and translation).
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that actually makes a lot of sense because in the flame algorithm f_{1,3,4} can be modified too via weights for even more interesting effects. pretty nifty :)

also, i think i'm finally starting to see the utility of scripts, to set up things like this. i haven't ever seen or used one, but have been told that it's the basis of all good flame-making.
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