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Flipped Disc

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Published: January 11, 2007
Thanks to *tdierikx and =MichaelFaber for reviewing this for me!

To download this tutorial click the Download button on the left hand side.

    -- January 18: Fixed the spelling of Scott's name.
    -- January 10: Original submission
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just downloaded and playing with this .. just a wee minor tweak and I found a beauty! thank you!!
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jim88broHobbyist General Artist
This is another tweak:…
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jim88broHobbyist General Artist
Thank for a great tutorial Joel. This is one of my tweaks:…
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lucid-lightProfessional Digital Artist
Hello, :wave:
your tutorial is being featured in my news article Project Educate Fractal Week - Apophysis Tutorials .
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Lady-CompassionHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for sharing!!
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Thanks for the tutorial. My first deviation [link] :-)
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cpoggieHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the tutorial. I used the first part in this: [link]
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thx for sharing
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timemitStudent Digital Artist
Brilliant Tuto , love what you can do with it
Here are some of my latest from it [link] [link]

thanks for this :D
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timemitStudent Digital Artist
hi great tuto, here is my first piece made from it :D [link]
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timemitStudent Digital Artist
ooooh great, a shiny new toy :D thank so much for all the great work .. and thanks to Vicky [link] for pointing me this way :D
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This technique is full of potential, I read this tutorial some time ago, but I couldn't figure how to do anything original. Now I tried it again with some more knowledge and helped me to discover and understand new things about Apophysis.
Thank you so much!
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alooper21Hobbyist General Artist
hello, joel, just wanted to say what i'm sure many others said before, that is amazing how easy one can get to "objects" with this program if he knows what to do with it. i've discovered apophysis like two years ago, but i never got "down to it" too much, though fractals fascinated me since the first time i've heard about them., wich was long time before. shame on me to say that until tonight i've only managed to make some diffuse fractals and only tonight, after two years, i played with the variables. if you'd look in my gallery you'll se, there's only one worth the look, and that one is made with a tutorial in my hands. right now i render the seccond one, a variation from this this you posted here. usually i have a tendency to abuse the possibilities, things ger really messy, i hope i'll get over that some day. but until then i'm set to copy as many tutorials as i get :)
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Man, this is just awesome! Loved it. :D Great job, :+fav:
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Hi. Thanks for the great tute. :+fav:. I used it to make this image.
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nice tutorial. tried it out, and was satisfied after just messing around with the first half: here it is
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SpamkillerHobbyist Digital Artist
Mmmm... wanna play with this! :+fav:
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zweeZwyyProfessional Digital Artist
:ahoy: Enjoyed the tutorial :thanks:

Here's a result Seals Slip-Sway Kelpbed Songs [link]
No surprises, but I'll keep at it & see what else it can do. :D
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FractalAngel-Stock Digital Artist
This piece has been featured in my news article [link]
I hope you'll have a great day:hug:

Take care,
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:confused: That news article does not exist.
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cmptrwhzHobbyist Digital Artist
hello may I use this tutorial on my website [link] under the tutorial section of course. Giving you full credit and links back to your front page?
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PatGoltzProfessional General Artist
Thank you! I'm playing! :D
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baba49Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope to try this soon. Thank you very much.
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