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You guys are used to seeing the finished Starcrossed comics that I post here on DeviantART but something you may not know is that I post the roughs strips with full dialog on my Patreon page as a reward for my patrons. The rough strip is usually accompanied by a little blurb about where my head is creatively on the strip for that week. This week I talk a little bit about thumbnails. If you enjoy Starcrossed and you want more, pop on over to my patreon page and become a patron.

Thanks for supporting my work!

- Joel 

STAR-0195-2016-03-14-patreon-sneak-peek-promo-370 by joelduggan

STAR-VOL1-Dec-2015-Sale-web by joelduggan

Looking for that last minute stocking stuffer? Give the gift of comics! Between December 7th and December 14th all Artist Edition copies of Starcrossed: Volume One are 30% OFF! 

What is this magical Artiest Edition you say? Click here to see some examples. 

Starcrossed: Volume One – Aritst Edition – $10.00

  • Starcrossed character sketch on a special page inside the book. Signed of course.
  • 90 pages of comics and content.
  • Behind the scenes goodies you can only find in the book.

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It's time for Inktober!!!

What is Inktober?

Join me and thousands of other artists for a month full of ink drawings. Just look for the hashtag #Inktober.

I will post work in my DeviantArt Gallery but if you're on other social media as well, here are some links.

Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Facebook

The Problem Child by joelduggan

I'm spinning my wheels...

I've been trying to of other things I can do to contribute to the DeviantART community. Well, really the art and comics community at large. For a while I have been considering doing some tutorial videos about my process, or short art-talk lecture videos over time lapse drawings. I'm not exactly sure where to begin, so I thought I would ask you guys. 

What topic or topics would you like to hear me talk about?

Are there art questions that you would like me to answer?

The more specific you can be, the better I will able to gage what the most popular topics or questions are.

You can comment here, or send me a private note or email me at

Thanks for your feedback!

- Joel

Artist editions of my book, Starcrossed Volume One is one sale for $10 ($5 OFF!)
plus shipping. Each artist edition is personalized with a sketch of your favorite
Starcrossed character on a special page inside the book. Summer is short, and so
too will be the sale.

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