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In the Philippines. Visit Pixel Pintura on Facebook:


1. Accomplished application form:…

2. 1 illustration base on the story "Anong Gupit Natin Ngayon"…

3. 5 sample illustrations from your portfolio

Deadline on February 29, 2012, 5pm
email at

Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang I.N.K.), the Philippine's first and only organization of illustrators, is accepting applications for new members.

Deadline: March 25, 2011, Friday, 5:00 pm


1. Accomplished application form.…...

2. One (1) illustration* based on the story Rizaldy, the 2011 PBBY-Salanga Prize-winning story written by Eugene Evasco. Illustration size: 9 x 14 inches, horizontal format. You may download the story here: [link]
3. Five (5) sample illustrations from your portfolio.

Please scan and save all your illustrations as JPEG or PNG, at 72dpi.

Dimension should be at least 1000x1000 pixels (or 14x14 inches)

Email the requirements to:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fee for NEW members (once applicant is accepted):

* Students – 950Php
* Professionals – 1,300Php

Includes Ang INK Orientation-Seminar, three (3) illustrators workshops, and participation in all INK exhibits and activities for 1 year.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Open to Filipino citizens only.

Entries will be screened on March 26, 2011.
For sale!! AUROVIEW Tablet Monitor:…
Hey Naruto fans...
Have you seen this amazing Sasuke Happy Meal Toy? --…

Originally intended to flip over and land on his head - now totally cool for an entirely different reason!
"Itsura Manga"
Mukhang manga talaga!

Visit Itsura Manga on Facebook!

We feature outstanding Pinoy artists who illustrate in authentic & excellent Japanese manga/anime styles at the Itsura Manga Blog


How about a FREE & PERSONALIZED digital painting/coloring tutorial?

You can learn some more from watching me color YOUR artwork (yep YOUR artwork) on the Pixel Pintura Workouts!  These are 10-minute videos where I color what you color!

And that's the catch, you've got to have colored it too yourself! What better way to learn more techniques than to watch someone color your own work?

If you're interested follow these steps:

1. Be a fan of Pixel Pintura on Facebook!

2. Post your colored work. And I will ask you for line art/sketches - whatever went into making the work.

3. Then get a chance to watch me color what you've colored! Totally FREE and PERSONALIZED for YOU from me!!!!

You can watch one Pixel Pintura Workout here:…
Are you taking part in World Earth Hour 2010?

The Bebechicks have an animation for you!
I'm 32 today!

I'd like to invite you to my little opening at! Something I've been on for the past year.

Thank you!
Hello all,

    If you or someone you know would like to learn Photoshop and Digital Coloring & Painting, the Pixel Pintura Workshops are ONGOING in Metro Manila! You can find more details on Pixel

    You can also visit the Pixel Pintura page on Facebook to see a few of the students who have taken up the workshops!

    Let's encourage and train Pinoy digital artists to reach their dreams!
This year has been pretty rough in the Philippines.
We have to be tougher next year!

I'd like to thank <a href=">Teddy Pavon
for his gift of a dA premium subscription!

And of course, for all of you who took the time to read this post. :w00t:
Hayao Miyazaki and Moebius chit-chat about their art:…
Interesting article for all you furry artists:…
Can you guess 80s anime TV series from the soundtrack?
Hello friends,

I need a dA subscription! One year.  Mine is about to expire!

I'd like to offer a commission for it, if anyone is interested.

Or you may also get a 1,500Php discount off any Pixel Pintura workshop.   Check which Pixel Pintura Workshop suits you!

Thank you for watching!
Plush-making Workshop
by Pergylene Acuña (

(check out the poster here )

April 18, 2009
UP College of Fine Arts
For kids aged 12-99

Workshop Description:

Plushies are for kids of all ages!

Learn to make your own plush dolls, keychains, pins, and other plush products in a 3-hour workshop that will teach basic plushie design and construction, based on a drawing of a creature from your imagination!

Workshop enrollees will have at least one finished product to take home, as well as creative ideas for more plushie items.

Basic sewing involved, materials included in the registration fee, but bring your own pair of scissors!

About the facilitator:

Pergylene Acuña, member of Ang I.N.K. since 2008, is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations. She is also the illustrator of "Ang
Ampalaya sa Pinggan ni Peepo" (Lampara Books).

Registration fee:

P150 for INK members
P200 for non-INK members
inclusive of materials

To reserve a slot, email Ang I.N.K. Secretary Gigi Lapid at gglapid[at] or text 0917-4605150.
How would you like to use Photoshop in exciting new ways?  Wouldn't you rather finish your work in Photoshop sooner rather than later?   And instead of boring classes of laying out paragraphs and repairing bad photos, how would you like to be on your way to mastering Photoshop by painting and coloring?

The Pixel Pintura Workshops guarantee that you will discover Photoshop secrets that will enhance not just how you create a digital painting masterpiece but also everyday work in:

• rendering animation backgrounds,
• applying comic book colors and lettering,
• creating 2D game art, interface, and assets for 3D,
• graphic design,
• illustration
• enhancing architectural perspectives and interiors
• laying out graphics – that's right!

Each student gets an intensive hands-on experience and real-time feedback particular to their level and style. While other schools would need at least 3 students to start a class, at Pixel Pintura you can have the teacher all to yourself!  That's added value for your money!   We keep the classes tight at a maximum 3 students to keep those standards.  

Not convinced?  Read what Pixel Pintura students themselves have to say on the Pixel Pintura blog or on our site at .  Need more?  Sign up for Pixel Pintura's Tips+Tricks for painting and coloring in Photoshop!  It's FREE!!  

The Pixel Pintura Workshops are digital painting and coloring workshops being held in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila since 2003.  They are taught by yours truly. You can find my works of course right here in deviantArt and here on INK
Looking for extra income, deviant? Besides waiting for commissions, you can sell stuff on deviantART too right?

For your easy reference (the next time you create your work)... here are the sizes of the various products that you can have deviantART put your artworks into:

5" x 7" - Prints, Greeting Cards
9"x 12", 18"x 24", 30" x 40" - Prints

7.8" x 9.3" - Mousepads
3.2" x 8.2" - Mugs
2.3" x 3.3", 3.3" x 4.8" - Magnets

4" x 6" - Postcards
3.7" x 3.7" - Coasters
10" x 14" - Puzzles

16" x 20", 11" x 14", 30" x 40" - Wrapped Canvas
20" x 30", 24"×36" - Wrapped Canvas, Fine Art Prints
12" x 18", 30"x45" - Fine Art Prints

Not sure about the Calendar size though.

Be sure to have your work at least at 300dpi.
Are you concerned about people infringing on your copyright?  Stealing your ideas?  Raping your artwork and stitching it up like Frankenstein's monster?

Well here's a nifty search engine that will allow you to search the Internet for an image that you upload to it.

Idee Inc. has a search engine called TinEye that uses the pixels in your image and searches the web for similar,edited, or downright exact copies of your work on the web.

Go check out their websites at or

Simply upload your image and TinEye will search for the thing.  The moment you upload or link an image you wish to search for, it becomes part of the TinEye index. There's a video explaination on
Hi all,

I'm putting my assistant through some rigorous digital color training in time for his make-or-break exam, but I need lineart!  

If you have drawn something that you would like colored for FREE, please let me know! Thanks!