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Metroid dread

Hey everyone!
I don't know if I ever told you but I love Metroid, so I couldn't hold my excitment upon watching the reveal of Metroid Dread during the E3 Direct. Like many others I was shocked with the ruthless E.M.M.I but it was during the Tree House that I got the idea for this piece. I'm talking of course, of the boss fight with Corpious where Samus escapes from danger sliding under that huge monster belly! As if that wasn't enough, this terrible encounter happens in a dark cavern flooded with what seems to be blood?!
Anyway, I can't wait to play this game in October. I was already happy with Samus Returns on the 3DS, so I'm confident that Mercury Steam will also do a great job with this one!
Also, Metroid turns 35 today!! So hopefully my piece will help with the celebrations of this historic franchise! :)
Like usual I hope you guys like take on this videogame.
Until next time!!

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Absolutely magnificent artwork! :happybounce: :heart:

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I'm excited, I've been waiting almost 20 years to find out what happens to Samus after the events of Metroid Fusion

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This is incredible.