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Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat II on the living forest stage for the Game Art HQ Mortal Kombat tribute.

After the first tournament, Johnny Cage disappears following Liu Kang into the Outworld. In this place, the balance of the Earth Realm will be decided on another MK tournament. And also another fantastic script for johnny's newest movie!

Johnny Cage is mostly known for his punch in the crounch move, but I portrayed the Shadow Kick, my favourite special from the Martial Arts Superstar. If I remember right, it was easy to execute- back, forward, kick!

Also one of my favourites is the infamous living forest stage from MK II. These haunted woods have living trees with faces that groan in hunger. So the unsuspecting traveler will often times become it's prey, ending devoured. As a kid I thought that it was possible to execute a fatalaty in this stage in wich one of the trees would eat the fallen fighter, but I guess it was just a rumour.
One neat fact is that sometimes Smoke can be seen lurking in the background, behind one of the trees!
This stage has so much happening, that it's impossible not to love it!

As usual I used a regular pencil, white paper, black inks and coloured in Photoshop.

Please enjoy!

Mortal Kombat belongs to WARNER(c)
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johnny cage is so hot right now
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You were featured on Mortal Kombat Online:…
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Yay!! That's so awesome!
Thanks for letting me know!
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The cocky Johnny quest! LOL!
StrykerFanMK's avatar
EPIC J Cage! would you ever consider doing my man Stryker?
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That'll teach them not to mess with Johnny! ;)
Joelchan's avatar
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Grrreat picture! Lots of action in this one. Johnny's one of my all time fave characters in MK. CAGE---FTW!
Joelchan's avatar
Cage definitely needs more support!
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Right on,I even made a couple of sketches and a fan comic about him in my gallery of him,please check them out when you can.
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brilliant! hatts off!
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He's great! And I love the trees, too :D
Joelchan's avatar
Thanks a bunch!
I had lots of fun doing the trees faces!I let myself go with their expressions and that's always enjoyable!:D
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This is definitely one of the koolest Johnny Cage artworks on DeviantArt. With Johnny Cage being my favorite character, it rocks even more! :D

Favorited! Nice work!
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So glad to hear that!
Johnny is also one of my favourites, so it was a no brainer when I saw that no other artist had pick him for the MK II tribute!:D

Anyways, Thanks a bunch for the favourite and the nice comment!
Really appreciated!
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No problem! This is just one badass piece of work! ;)
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Thanks a bunch!!:D
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Too much awesomeness!
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You're very kind!
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I like his name on his shoe.

Love the forest.
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Yeah!He even has shoes with his name on it!That's a superstar alright! At least that's what I thought while doing this piece.:D
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