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Hollow Knight City of Tears

By Joelchan
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Hey everyone!
As promised here's the colored piece of Hollow Knight!
A metroidvania with elements of Dark Souls where you explore the
ruins of a great bug kingdom known as Hollownest, encountering
lots of epic boss fights along the way, all this allied to the beautiful
soundtrack and visuals.
It truly is a great game and hopefully I made it justice through
this illustration. 

Hollow Knight is a (c) and Tm from Team Cherry.
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© 2018 - 2020 Joelchan
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h0ll0wkn1ghtv3ss3l's avatar

Hornet looks like a mantis, honestly.


the detail is insaying amazing!!!!!

boncrux's avatar

this looks like a cover from a hollow knight webcomic if there's's awesome

PrinceRisen's avatar

Not gonna lie, those are some weird looking raindrops ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o). Other than you're incredible :0

glacerdragon's avatar
this is my favorite area in the game the music is striking
Tektarra's avatar
Very well done!
Lkvflower's avatar

It's so precious <3

MarioMayck's avatar
Me encanta, está super genial, gran juego.
SansFangirl4life's avatar
Okaun's avatar


i like it
Tonniee's avatar
oooooo i like these CGraves09 Redbear Icon(Collab) 
BluTheRobot435's avatar

very nice! i always had trouble with perspective and this looks great!

Jinosel's avatar

Love the POV. You made me miss the game :c

PrestonCarlton's avatar

cool perspective! this makes me want to buy the game now!

AnaxErik4ever's avatar
City of Tears is my favorite location in Hollow Knight.  This is a nice fan art of that place.
ShortTemperedGamer's avatar
lovely and the angle looks absolutely brilliant 
CoudyStorm6's avatar
Wow this art is amazing!i really loved it :D
TimMcJimFromPL's avatar
Kibaszottie's avatar
Quirrell and Ghost are so cute !! 
ChicaFoxygurl24's avatar
I agree. This game is a mix of Dark Souls and Ori and The Blind Forest
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