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Flutter bliss

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All things are in pony....
And pony is in all things.
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Fluttershy as a Buddhist Monk is beyond adorable.
I have never had an images bring tears of happiness to my eyes,bravo to you.
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It's one of my favorites.  Glad you like it homie!
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Om mani Pony hum.
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Not gonna lie, she looks kinda stoned to me. :P
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Cool drawing style, I like it ^^
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Fluttershy is best one with everything pony. She does look quite peaceful.
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Everything is like... love, guys. It's like love....
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All she is saying, Is give peace a chance.
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uhh, tough croud
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this one is great i love it is just sooo shyyyyy!!!
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yes, fluttershy would advocate a life of balance and simplicity
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and butterflies
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