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Blizzard Contest Malthael

This is my entry for the Blizzard contest

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strikes an interesting balance between malthaels heavenly aspect, and darkness.
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I'm gonna say it: THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING! Man, you should have won first place. This is uber badass! The details and lighting are awe-inspiring and simply beautiful. The pose is striking and just eye-catching! Even if you didn't win, fantastic job.
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as much as i loved the winning entries... this one seems to trump them all. the way you handled color and lighting, and the pose of the figure is just so majestic. elegant work all around. you win the contest in my head. :nod:
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Many, many thanks Tiancum, that´s really great to hear.
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You're welcome! :)
I hope you won something it really deserves it, very much great artworks like this tho, you should understand the jury :)
Very beautiful anyway
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Thank you icasouki! Many great artworks indeed, I never really expected to be in the semi-finals.
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This is amazing!
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The posture speaks, "Dojyaaa~~n!"

Sorry, only a JoJo fan would know the reference :D
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OK. I guess I have to draw my reaction now. :D
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Haha, indeed!

I´m not too surprised, I never expect anything when doing art contests, it´s always a very subjective thing. But the money would have been nice though! :)
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jeap. i hope some day I can afford to wacom cintiq 22hd. i make my own game right now, and when it's redy
I hope that it would sell so that I could afford to buy it
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I need to know your technique. do you use textures, if only you have a video where i can see how you make this art peace.
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It´s quite simple, this one is mostly done with one brush, standard soft brush in Photoshop, as for textures I rarely use them, I use textured brushes instead sometimes. Blending modes that I prefer is Color Dodge. I was going to upload some videos on Youtube, but I just haven´t had the time yet, but there will be in the future for sure.

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this one is just wonderfully amazing. I really hope you win!
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