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I've been away from deviantART for a bit due to being buried under a new 135 painting MARVEL MASTERPIECES trading card set. It's been over 20 years since the first one (1992) and I've always wanted to do a follow up. Obviously I can't post any of the art that Upper Deck hasn't released but there are a few pieces in the attached article link. Having a blast and can't wait for everyone to see them! Release date is early 2015. I'll announce a solid date when I have one. Hope everyone is well, and I'll be back in force when this job is done in January! upperdeckblog.com/2014/07/uppe…
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Any news on when this will finally be released.
I have the Hulk promo card and have been chomping at the bit since news was first released.

I can't imagine they will just let it slip into the cracks right?
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Did this set get released? I did some of the sketchcards for it...
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Excited beyond belief ....hope they release soon! Joe is the best!
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OMG I am so excited! I have so mcuh loved those sets can't wait to see your new work!
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Whoa, I have the first set, can't wait to see the next one
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Looks amazing (as always). I'll probably be getting the complete set.
These will be the first trading cards that I've seriously been interested in for at least 15... maybe 20 years!
I can't wait until the new set! The pieces already released are magnificent to say the lease!
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I love Justified!! I bought your original trading cards 20 years ago at a comic an card fair in Melbourne an I still have them. Also your tarzan cards!
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awesome! your series from 92' rocked my world...your black cat hangs proudly in my studio!
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Wow, that's quite a monolith of a job! Imagine it's fun as hell though. :eager:
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Awesome, i fell in love with the original set you did, with this being announced i'm looking in to a pre-order as the last set inspired me to become a painter and a higher respect for the comic art forum of painters in that field.
Been loveing your work since the late 80s with conan covers, cant wait to see what you got now.
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I'm glad you're able to come back soon, this place was starting to feel strange without you, sir!
Looking forward to see that art!
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I remember collecting the first MM set all those years ago, and still enjoy looking at them to this day!  Can't wait to see and collect the new set when it comes out!  Thanks for making this follow up set happen, Joe!  
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I'm on this new set as one of the sketch card artists and it's truly an honor to be a part of this. I loved collecting the original Marvel Masterpieces set when I was younger and it's exciting to be a part of this new one even in a small way.  I can't wait to see all of your new artwork on this upcoming set!
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I already feel nostalgic. I obsessively collected that original series all those years ago. I'm really looking forward to seeing these, Joe.
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Looks cool! Can't wait to see the rest! :D

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Oh man I can not wait to get these! :iconspazattackplz:
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Can't wait to see 'em.
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Looks like it's been time well spent, young man.
Can't wait to see what we get to see when we get to see what we get to see...
..er, something.
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I loved the Marvel Masterpieces! I got the art comic issues spawned off of the series. :-D Will there be comics too?
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Cannot wait to add the new ones to my Studio-Fantastic references !!
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That's great news. I really loved the first set and am looking forward to the new one.  Really glad that you announced it here because I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. :)
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I( can't wait to see all the new images you've created! Your the best out there! :D
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